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Defender Questions (also choosing style) (1)

Defender Questions (also choosing style)
by Christian McClellan 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Defender Questions (also choosing style)) was posted by Christian McClellan, on 6/27/2003 8:21:18 AM:
I have been playing TT with hardbats for a few years and recently got a nicer inverted rubber racket. I have been practicing and I have started to be able to do loops with both sides, and even an ok backspin serve. However, I am not super mobile, my speed is definately my weakness so it seems like I should start learning to be a defender. If I want to do this do I need a defender paddle? It seems like I will be paying upwards of $60 even with a cheap blade, because I would have to by the rubber separately.

So, does anyone have answers on how to start learning to be a defender, and if so, what kind of racket to go with. I was thinking a yasaka sweeper. Also, I guess most use long pips rubber backhand (to control opponents spin) and a thin tacky pips in rubber forehand (for chops, etc). Any recomendations on rubber?

Sorry for the long post but thanks for the help.
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