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Butterfly Cypress S & Cypress Alpha (15)

Re: Butterfly Cypress S & Cypress Alpha
by Leon 12 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Butterfly Cypress S & Cypress Alpha) was posted by Leon, on 4/2/2007 2:17:14 PM:
Listen ryno,
Im amazed with your approach to blades that people usually use testing violins. You changed my understanding of many things in j-blades quality that definitely will impact my game. Thank you for that. Yes you right about CypresMax its 11,500 yen, but the most expensive Kokutaku they sell is way below this price. I have no idea where you could see 10mm kokutaku at 16000-20000 yen, but I would definitely go for it to experience that feeling. Thanks for your time and wisdom - Leon
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