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DHS--Beginner need help (1)

DHS--Beginner need help
by Patrick 15 years ago
 Re: DHS--Beginner need help
by Dave 15 years ago
 Re: DHS--Beginner need help
by cole 15 years ago

The following message (subject: DHS--Beginner need help) was posted by Patrick, on 2/9/2005 6:08:14 PM:

I have no idea what my playing style is all I know is I want to be a ble to do slam's with F/H and B/H consistently. My brother (my main opponent recently purchased a DHS V 5402. I like his paddle a lot. It beats my stiga sports authority brand. I was looking at the DHS v-5405 with the pips on one side. Would I have a cooler shot selection with that? Would I be able to slam really well? I also have a mean backhand slam. Would the pips change that? How bad is the change between a long handle and a short handle? PLEASE HELP!!!
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