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Type of Grip, best blade/handle for it (1)

Type of Grip, best blade/handle for it
by Nyler 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Type of Grip, best blade/handle for it) was posted by Nyler, on 7/31/2005 4:02:14 PM:
Hi all. I've been playing table tennis my whole life, and am at the point where none of my friends can touch me in "basement ping pong." I want to buy a paddle, but am not sure what is the best type for me. I am unfamiliar with the grips and handle types and would appreciate some help.

If you were to make a gun with your hand, with the thumb straight up and your pointer out, the other three clenched, is how I hold the paddle. The racket side is up,with the thumb and pointer resting on the backhand side. If any of you can make sense of the visual, _______
/ \
| --|
|__ / /|
\\ \/ //
/ _\
____/ _|

I usually play on the offensive, attacking the other player. I use spin to gain the advantage, then usually finish off with a few hard shots. I'm a bigger kid, 18, about 6ƈ, with larger hands. For anyone who's actually read this whole thing, what do you think would be a good handle and blade type? Thank you for any advice.
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