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Looking to buy a new bat - need suggestions (1)

Looking to buy a new bat - need suggestions
by Maurik 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Looking to buy a new bat - need suggestions) was posted by Maurik, on 7/30/2005 6:34:37 PM:

Im looking to buy a new table tennis bat for myself and have been looking into different rubbers, handles and sponges in order to find out what suits my playing style, however I want to experiment with long pimples.

I have been playing table tennis for a while now, however not in competitions or for a club, just in my backyard on an all-weather table which my dad bought about 7 years ago. Since then i have vastly improved my table tennis playing abilities and have my own unique style.

Anyway, I dont want to spend too much on a bat, and I would really prefer a factory made one, as I have no experience in fitting rubbers to the blade.

My play style is speed/defensive,

a fast forehand service
top/right spin backhand service

immense backhand smash. My backhand would need to be sticky ie good for spin. (or I think its described as having tackiness, im not sure)

forehand used often to counter smashes (maybe antiloop on the forehand rubber?)

I play fast rallies and only smash when i feel that i can win the shot.

What do you guys recommend

ps. (sorry for the long post)
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