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Liebherr Euro Champions League - 3rd Round

Reports of the 3rd round

ETTU Press Release


Friday, 7. 12. 2001, 19.45 h: Royal Villette Europlus Charleroi – TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen 3:1

Upward tendency stopped! The reigning club world’s champion did justice to his reputation and ended off the shiny balance of Ochsenhausen. In first line, this was to thank to Vladimir Samsonov who was acting in fantastic form. For the prelude, he landed a sovereign victory over Adrian Crisan, who, nevertheless, was offering a good performance. The Croatian Zoran Primorac showed—after the equalization by Kalinikos Kreanga against Jean-Michel Saive who still is not in his standard form—that for Charleroi he is irreplaceable in Europe’s elite League. In a match of highest class, he conquered Alexei Smirnov with much cleverness and made an essential contribution to the complete success. The meeting of the two top players formed a worthy conclusion of the eventful evening: Kreanga brought his opponent to the edge of a defeat. He demanded him up to the very last point in this dramatic match and Samsonov probably decided it only by a clever change of his tactics. The jubilation of almost 2,000 spectators did not want to end and rewarded this brilliant performance. “Samsonov is our success guarantor, without him we would not have any chance in the champions League”, values Jean Lafleur, president of the Belgian sports journalists, the Byelorussians important role. Nevertheless, for defending the title, regular engagement of Zoran Primorac also will be indispensable.

Samsonov - Crisan 11:5, 11:5, 11:7
Saive - Kreanga 6:11, 12:10, 8:11, 12:14
Primorac - Smirnov 5:11, 13:11, 11:5, 9:11, 11:7
Samsonov - Kreanga 6:11, 11:8, 11:6, 8:11, 12:10

Sunday, 9. 12. 2001,14.00 h: Borussia Düsseldorf - TTC VP Frydek-Mistek 2:3

The dream of the young Borussia team of the group victory found a sudden end in this game. After the sensational success against titleholder Charleroi, the hopes were screwed highly of course, but the Czech champion offered fierce resistance. The duel of the both players on third position proved to be a key game: Martin Olejnik conquered the Sweden Magnus Molin—after having lost the first game smoothly—and opened the way to the decisive meeting of Lars Hielscher and Marek Klasek. “I should have better nominate Hielscher against Olejnik”, felt Düsseldorf coach Andreas Preuss annoyed “he would have won for certain. Molin has had missed every fighting spirit today. The unhappiest man in the hall was Lars Hielscher. In the fifth game of this marathon match against Klasek, he folded down and could play on only after medical treatment. However, he did not escape in excuses, “it hasn't been due to the ankle, I have lost two matches which I could have won straight away”. With that result, both clubs fight for remaining in the class now. The return match in Frydek–Mistek will have Decisive character.

Maze - Klasek 11:5, 4:11, 11:9, 11:7
Hielscher - Krcil 11:13, 9:11, 11:2, 11:9, 8:11
Molin - Olejnik 11:7, 10:12, 6:11, 8:11
Maze - Krcil 6:11, 11:9, 11:5, 8:11, 11:6
Hielscher - Klasek 6:11, 11:8, 11:5, 15:17, 9:11


Friday, 7. 12. 2001, 20.00 h: Caen TTC - STK Vecernji List Zagreb

The Croatian newcomer created the sensation of the round. The guests succeeded in a hotly contested and at tension next to unrivalled match, which changes the situation of the group completely. Zagreb—whose hopes first and foremost rested on the Danish international player Alan Bentsen—was this time allowed to be pleased about a terrific performance of Roko Tosic, who advanced with victories in two hardly fought five-games matches to the winner of the encounter. The spectators were shocked by the game course. At first, being behind 0:2 spoilt the atmosphere considerably, but hope arose again after the equalization by Damien Eloi and Jerome Bahuaud. Martin Bratanov, however, could not use his chances thoroughly available against Tosic and failed after five games. The Croatian champion still is in the zone of relegation danger, but may have now justifiable prospects on remaining in the class. Caen TTC is also threatened by the way down now, however, but still may muster up Jörgen Persson as sheet anchor.

Eloi - Tosic 7:11, 12:10, 9:11, 14:12, 6:11
Bratanov - Bentsen 9:11, 12:14, 9:11
Bahuaud - Klaric 11:9, 11:4, 11:5
Eloi - Bentsen 13:11, 11:8, 11:9
Bratanov - Tosic 11:7, 10:12, 11:8, 8:11, 6:11

Sunday, 9. 12. 2001,14. 30 h: TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau—SVS Niederösterreich 3:2

The revenge turned out well! The rivals of the previous year offered the audience a top match until the end. “This was one seldom sees, such spectacular rallies; a real publicity for our sports”, Grenzau’s secretary Annette Jacobs feels enthusiastic. Player of the day was Werner Schlager who offered brilliant performance and did not conquer only Ma Wenge but also his former dreaded opponent Lucian Blaszczyk. Most probably, the unfortunate player positioning of the Austrians was the key to Grenzau’s success. “We should have nominated Kostadin Lengerov as number three, Chen Weixing then probably would have found better chances for a point in its two matches”, coach Josef Sedelmayer feels sorry about. “But this wouldn't have been a guarantee either, of course, because one has seen the excellent tactical attitude of Petr Korbel on our defensive artist” In the decisive match Blaszczyk already was under great pressure against Lengerov being behind 6:8 in the third game, but, however, was able to turn the match. The group victory is Grenzau hardly to take anymore, while the aim of the Lower Austrians is rank two now.

Ma Wenge - Lengerov 11:8, 8:11, 12:10, 11:8
Blaszczyk - Schlager 11:6, 3:11, 9:11, 11:8, 5:11
Korbel - Chen Weixing 11:5, 11:6, 11:7
Ma Wenge - Schlager 9:11, 10:12, 11:6, 8:11
Blaszczyk - Lengerov 6:11, 13:11, 11:9, 11:7

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