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Liebherr Euro Champions League - 2nd Round

Reports of the 2nd round

ETTU Press Release

Sunday, 18. 11. 2001, 14 h:
Borussia Düsseldorf - Royal Villette Europlus Charleroi 3:2

Everything is possible! One of the guiding principles of the sport became in this match reality. Düsseldorf’s “Boy Group” celebrated a triumph under the rejoicing of the supporters also completely surprising for insiders. Several factors led to this result: Michael Maze is presently in his top form, Magnus Molin overcame his wrist operation fast, and Lars Hielscher had a fantastic run against Muneaki Mitamura. With Charleroi only Vladimir Samsonov mastered the task. Jean-Michel Saive disappointed, and it could be seen that Zoran Primorac is not replaceable at present. This result brings anyhow much suspense into group A. A home defeat next round against Ochsenhausen would entangle the club world champion even into the descent fight of our European royal class, what put the sporting level in its true light. “It was a superb match, and we obtained much self-assurance”, reported Düsseldorf coach Andreas Preuss and added: “however, we must be reasonable. Remaining in the class is still the principal purpose, although certain chances are open also for us now. I think, we tip the scales in the further process of our group.”

Maze - Saive 11:8, 11:9, 11:5
Molin - Samsonov 13:11, 2:11, 1:11, 9:11
Hielscher - Mitamura 11:8, 11:5, 11:3
Maze - Samsonov 10:12, 11:13, 3:11
Molin - Saive 11:4, 4:11, 8:11, 11:8, 11:5

Friday, 16. 11. 2001, 17 h:
TTC VP Frydek-Mistek - TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen 0:3

Behind the smooth result a dramatic match progress hides itself. After the start failed, a rather unexpectedly clear four-game success of Alexei Smirnov over Marek Klasek, the spectators could be pleased about great suspense. Frantisek Krcil fought for a 2:0 lead against Kalinikos Kreanga and had even three balls for the match, but was nevertheless subdued by the nerve-strong Greek international player. After this disappointment Martin Olejnik had not much to oppose a very firm acting Adrian Crisan in the very last match. “Kreanga’s class brought this high victory to us”, was Ochsenhausen manager Christoph Reuhl pleased”, and perhaps the power failure at the beginning did also help us”, he jested. “This occurred in the first game as Smirnov was behind 0:3 against Klasek and we changed then to a better tactics.” The team of the league sponsor is with this 3:0 leading group A, which applies to be defended in the next round at the hit of the Liebherr European champions league in Charleroi.

Klasek - Smirnov 5:11, 11:9, 4:11, 6:11
Krcil - Kreanga 11:9, 14:12, 5:11, 12:14, 12:14
Olejnik - Crisan 5:11, 12:14, 3:11

Friday, 16. 11. 2001, 17.30 h:
STK Vecernji List Zagreb - SVS Niederösterreich 0:3

Who would have believed that! The Lower Austrians digested its bitter home defeat against Caen TTC like a flash. And Zagreb could not repeat the respectable performance furnished with its premiere in Grenzau at the home board. Already the opening had a decision nature: Chen Weixing presented himself in brilliant shape and defeated Alan Bentsen, who looked already like the surely winner at 9:3 in the first game. However, Bentsen then had to leave precedence to Chen who gave a demonstration in a match of high class. Also Werner Schlager offered a fantastic performance against Roko Tosic. “Such balls I have seen very seldom”, says even coach Josef Sedelmayer, a former international player for many years and number one in Austria in those days. “Werner played simply dreamlike today.” Very reliably afterwards Qian Qianli fixed the point of victory against Dominik Klaric. The Austrians remain thus still in running for the group victory. Zagreb however needs a full success in Caen, in order not to fix the descent position already prematurely.

Bentsen - Chen Weixing 12:10, 8:11, 7:11, 5:11
Tosic - Schlager 9:11, 9:11, 3:11
Klaric - Qian Qianli 7:11, 2:11, 7:11

Friday, 16. 11. 2001, 20 h:
Caen TTC - TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau 0:3

With this numerically clear success Grenzau is at the top of the table. However, the result does not reflect the relative strength completely realistically. Because Damien Eloi could have likewise won the exciting match against Ma Wenge, which perhaps would have led to another progress of the entire encounter. However, the “Brexbacher” enjoyed the good fortune of an efficient Ma Wenge. Also Petr Korbel used the favour of the hour, and Lucian Blaszczyk did not suppress doubts about the victory of his team. “We are pleased of course about this very important success”, says club secretary Annette Jacobs, and adds: “we were a little bit disappointed of the modest number of spectators. Caen usually is famous for its numerous audience. Another big event in the proximity of the venue might have been the reason”. In any case, with this result Grenzau has established itself as the group favourite. This target could already be fixed practically with a home victory against SVS Niederösterreich in the next round.

Eloi - Ma Wenge 6:11, 9:11, 13:11, 11:7, 14:16
Bratanov - Korbel 10:12, 9:11, 11:4, 7:11
Bahuaud - Blaszczyk 6:11, 14:12, 5:11, 2:11

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