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Obama Purchases Stiga 410Q Table Tennis Table

NEW YORK, June 18 PRNewswire -- Shouts of "Yes, We Can!" will undoubtedly reverberate from the White House walls as President Obama, his family and their friends engage in spirited matches on the family's new table tennis table.

The Obama purchase is the most recent piece of "stimulus" the sporting goods industry has received from the popular resurgence of table tennis. Once the staple of church basements and family rec. rooms, table tennis has emerged as the latest craze of the entertainment community. The game's coolness factor was solidified by its appearance in an episode of "Entourage" during the show's most recent season. Hollywood Table Tennis enthusiasts include Edward Norton, Matthew Broderick and rap star 50 Cent. Actress Susan Sarandon is so passionate about the game she is a backer of SPiNYC, a "swanky" members-only table tennis club.

A personal purchase by President Obama, the Obamas selected a Tournament Series Table Tennis Model from Stiga for the White House. With its tournament-grade top and heavy duty chassis, the table is designed for aggressive play and family fun, which are the qualities the Obamas were looking for in a table tennis table.

"We are proud that the President and his family selected a Stiga table for the White House. Table Tennis is the perfect way for a busy executive like the President to spend quality time with his friends and family," said Nick Martin, product manager Stiga. "With its fast pace, the game requires total concentration. And, because it can be played by people of varying skill levels, it is a great family game." As a fitness oriented family, table tennis is a natural activity for the Obamas," continued Martin. "The game is often called the "brain game" because it gives players a mental and aerobic work-out. It is also a great way for children and adults alike to improve their hand/eye coordination."

While the White House and Hollywood are leading the Table Tennis trend, the current economic downturn may also be a contributing factor in the game's current popularity. "For many Baby Boomers, Table Tennis may symbolize the happier, more care-free times in their lives," continued Martin. "And, in lean times, it is an economic and fun activity for the whole family."About Stiga(R)

Stiga(R) table tennis tables and equipment are sold in over 100 countries worldwide and used by the world's leading table tennis players. Stiga(R) products are known for innovation, style, design and playability. Stiga(R) ... Play The Best.(R)

About Escalade Sports
Escalade Sports has been manufacturing and distributing internationally known sporting goods brands for over 80 years. As one of the world's leading producers and distributors of pool tables, table tennis tables, game tables, basketball systems and wood playsets, we can confidently say that no matter what your game, our brands deliver Serious Play(R).

Fact Sheet:

The table purchased: Stiga(R) Tournament Series Model T8504-- STIGA 410Q

Product Description

The Stiga Tournament Series T8504 lets you play like a pro at a family friendly price. Its tournament-style top and heavy-duty chassis will withstand aggressive play for many years of family fun.
Often called The Brain Game, the fast pace of table tennis provides a vigorous aerobic and mental work-out while helping adults and kids alike improve their hand eye coordination.

Product Features

- Quickplay Design - Assembles in 3 minutes or less. No tools required
- 1" Tournament blue top
- 2" Steel Support Apron and 2" Square Steel Self-Opening Legs.
- 4" Silver Mag Ball-Bearing Wheels
- Extra-Heavy Duty Chassis
- Stylized Corner Pads
- Includes Tournament Grade Net and Posts
- Playback Position Dimensions: 5' W x 9' D x 30" H
- Storage Position Dimensions: 30" W x 60" D x 62" H

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