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Speed Glue Ban at ITTF Juniors Event

Implementation of the Speed Glue Ban in Seligenstadt

To protect the health of all players, the ITTF is about to implement a glue ban for harmful speed glues. The ban for ITTF Junior events started at January 2008. Speed glues with so called VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) must not be used in future. At the German Junior Open in Seligenstadt from 5th to 8th January, the ITTF will advise as to whether the rackets are suitable for play.

Equipment Chairman Committee Odd Gustavsen explains the details of the procedure.

Question: Mr. Gustavsen what does a test look like?
Odd Gustavsen: A racket is placed in a special box, named Enez, which is equipped with a sensor able to spot VOCs.

Please tell a bit more about Enez?
Enez is a German development in co-operation with the ITTF. It is easy to use and much cheaper to apply in the long run than the present Dräger tubes.

How reliable is Enez?
It is very reliable, when it is used according to specifications.

What is the penalty if your racket does not conform to the regulations?
If a racket does not pass the test in Enez, it replacement racket must be substituted that passes the test.

What are the changes for players, umpires and coaches?
Less exposure to VOCs for all therefore it is an advantage for all. We do not want to play with a health risk, the size of which we cannot be certain, but one player hit is one too many.

Thank you Mr. Gustavsen and good luck in Seligenstadt.
Thank you.

ITTF Press Release

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