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Increase Forearm Snap!

Many players have difficulty generating great speed on their regular smashes (i.e. off a relatively low ball, not a lob, which uses a different stroke). Most often the problem is lack of forearm snap. To generate great force on the smash, your body has to work together the legs, waist, shoulders and forearm. However, it is the forearm smash at the very end that really gives the ball great speed and is the part that is most often lacking in a weak smash.

One way of helping generate forearm snap and the proper timing is to imagine your legs, waist and shoulders as being used not to increase smashing speed, but simply to get the forearm going. Then really snap the forearm just before contact.

To develop the forearm snap for smashing, get a bunch of balls, and go to the side of the table, near the net. Bounce the ball on the table high, and smash, using nearly all forearm snap. Make sure to keep the elbow down.

If you are doing this correctly, you can smash at full speed and carry on a conversation without missing a syllable.

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