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Playing Against Long Pips!

Courtesy of JOOLA USA

Written by Erick Shahnazari

Hi all,
I would like to share my experience playing against long-pips, especially for kids vs. adults that use long-pips. I regularly practice with my dad who plays with long-pips (no sponge). First of all, check your opponents long pips before the game starts, because most of the time they donít like to play with long-pips during the game warm-up (like my dad). If the long-pips is no sponge that means after your first topspin loop the ball comes back with heavy backspin, which I normally donít attack that ball. Remember with no-sponge long-pips your opponent most of the time cannot attack, but with sponge long-pips they could attack. The most important thing playing against long-pips is to be patient. Never try to attack all the balls; you have to wait for the right time to pick attack!

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