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Learn to Play Close to the Table

Courtesy of JOOLA USA

Written by Team JOOLA USA

Many players enjoy playing from away from the table, and some (expecially defensive players) base their game on this. However, for most players, you want to stay close to the table whenever possible. Otherwise, you "give up" the table. By backing off the table, your opponent has more time to react to your shots, and you have to cover more ground to cover the wide angles and in and out movements. Basically, you are at the mercy of your opponent.

If you have trouble staying at the table during a match, try this remedy. When you practice, put a barrier behind you to make sure you stay within an arm's length of the table. You might even exaggerate it some, and really jam yourself at the table (with the barrier right behind you) so that you'll learn to do this. It will pay off in the long run.

Read what others have to say:

  • away from the table
    by Joseph

away from the table

Posted by Joseph on 7/24/2007 12:46:00 PM

Especailly during the time of the 38 mm ball, playing some distance from the table (7ft for example) I don't think was a disadvantage. I remember watching players like Kim Taek Soo and Yoo Nam Kyu controlling the pace from this distance or more with power shots. In as much as the player away from the table has given his opponent time to prepare for their shot the player away from the table has bought themselves time to wind up for powerful shots and also since they are at a distance the trajectories could be varied even more by the player away from the table. i think it is more of a question of who is controlling the pace.

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