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Move move move!

Courtesy of JOOLA USA

Written by Nan Li

Being in good position is critical to how your shots are carried out. Some may wonder what does being in good position mean? It means that one is always in the ready position. It means that when the ball is away from the body, you move your feet first towards the ball and then hit. It is not correct if you’re extending your arms towards the ball before your body is in position. This may sound logical and easy to accomplish but it is a common mistake that most makes. It is human nature to react to a shot by sticking one’s arm out, thinking that it is the quickest way to get to a point. However, similar to what I wrote in my 1st tip of using full body to play, one will not be able to generate high quality shots by only using the extension of the arm, under the assumption that the point even lands on the opponent’s side. Another downside of reaching for a shot is that one’s body will be out of position and out of balance. Bad posture rarely leads to a winning point! So, please always try to remember to not be lazy and go for the shortcut… always try to move your feet and legs first!

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