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The Importance of Having a Good Serve

Courtesy of JOOLA USA

Written by Nan Li

Having a great serve is probably one of the most important assets to have in this game. In my opinion, it is more important than having a good forehand loop, backhand smash, all around counter drive, etc. Having an effective serve means it is one of the easiest ways to end and win a point. A hard to read serve could be the perfect set up for your next shot or even kill. A serve that is tricky and unpredictable can bring you that easy win of an ace during that deuce of the 7th game. With the new service rules of no hiding of the ball, it makes it even more difficult to generate a serve that “fools your opponent.” This only means that more work and time needs to be spent on mastering your serves. For the young kids that are aiming to become a top player, it is even more critical that time is spent practicing serves. I cannot stress enough of the importance of having a great serve!

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