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Play Smart By Hitting Twice to the Same Spot!

Courtesy of JOOLA USA

Written by Larry Hodges

In table tennis, itís good to keep moving the ball around to make an opponent move. However, sometimes you want to go to the same place twice.

Youíve just blocked the ball to the opponentís wide forehand. The opponent had to go out of position, but made a somewhat aggressive topspin return from his wide forehand. After the shot, he began to move back to cover his wide backhand. Most players try to take advantage of the opponent being out of position by going back to the backhand. This will often work, but itís often better to go right back to the forehand. The opponent is moving in the wrong direction, and will have trouble covering this shot a second time in a row. Even if he does, he probably wonít have time to get to the shot and put much power on the shot.

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