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Euro Champions League - Semi-finals

Round 2 Results

ETTU Press Release:

Championship Semi Final

TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau - Royal Villette Europlus Charleroi 0:3

10. 3. 2002, 14.30 - 900 spectators

Sorrow and subdued atmosphere in Grenzau! The German champion had to submit to the world´s champion in the fight for the longed-for finals. The high expectations, understandably enough after the scarce outward success, burst already in the first meeting of the afternoon: Ma Wenge, hope of Grenzau, failed against magnificent Zoran Primorac, although the two last games also could have been turned round. Petr Korbel then wasn’t able to provide his form shown lately, however, this might have caused on his opponent, since this was called Vladimir Samsonov. Even a tactical gambit of Andrzej Grubba failed: instead of Lucian Blaszczyk Grenzau´s coach had nominated Chen Zhibin, since he is counted to the dreaded opponents of Jean-Michel Saive. But of all things, this time it didn’t work. Saive, who found his fantastic form only within the last months, fixed the winning point in an encounter which was open until the end of it. ´´We have been missing the small scrap luck today; we would have looked forward that much to the finals, but it just shouldn’t be.´´ grieves Grenzau´s Annette Jacobs for the loss of chances thrown away.

Ma Wenge - Primorac 16:14, 7:11, 10:12, 9:11
Korbel - Samsonov 11:8, 4:11, 8:11, 7:11
Chen Zhibin - Saive 11:8, 5:11, 14:16, 9:11

SVS Niederösterreich – Borussia Düsseldorf 3:1

11. 3. 2002, 20.15 – 600 spectators

In sure manner, for the third time in a raw, Austria´s parade club qualified for the finals of our Elite league. The German sensation team of the year was not able to cope with a heavy disadvantage, though: The number one of the boy´s group, Michael Maze, had to cancel due to an injury. He was replaced by Bastian Steger, a super talent striving for progress, but, however, he wasn´t to match for experienced and sure operating Werner Schlager in the prelude meeting. The Austro-Chinese Chen Weixing had difficulties with Magnus Molin only at the beginning, but in succession he got through in a superior manner. The 2:0 leadership already meant the entry to the finals for the Lower Austrians due to the unbeatable game ratio. ´´It was a fair match of high class, and the scarce victory away with the good game ratio has been proved to be a giant advantage´´, resumed manager Dr. Johann Friedschröder, ´´our players didn’t stand under pressure and could carry out the expected success without greater difficulties.

Schlager – Steger 11:7, 11:6, 11:7
Chen Weixing – Molin 12:14, 11:3, 11:2, 11:4
Lengerov – Hielscher 12:14, 8:11, 11:13
Schlager – Molin 11:9, 7:11, 11:4, 11:7

Relegation Semi Final

STK Vecernij List Zagreb – TTC VP Frydek-Mistek 3:1

10. 3. 2002, 17.00 - 250 spectators

Season´s target managed! With an unquestioned home win the Croatians provided their stay in Europe´s royal class. However, the Czech champion lined up only with its Second best team. Club manager Jiri Chudik explains the reason of this measure: ´´Unfortunately, we have enormous financial problems, as a result our top players are not to be kept any more. Marek Klasek and Martin Olejnik go to the German Bundesliga and also Frantisek Krcil won´t remain; According to rumors he most probably joins the super Circuit in Japan. Thus unfortunately, the farewell Frydek-Misteks might be for good.

Bentsen - Vlcek 11:7, 11:4, 11:9
Tosic - Palkowsky 11:5, 12:10, 11:5
Klaric - Zajic 4:11, 13:11, 6:11, 9:11
Bentsen - Palkowsky 11:5, 11:5, 9:11, 11:5

Caen TTC - TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen 0:3

11. 3. 2002, 20.00 – 350 spectators

In perfect control the team of the league sponsor managed to stay in the class—without losing even a single game. The clever line-up of the German coach made itself paid. Therefore, the evening started already with the hit: local hero Damien Eloi met Kalinikos Kreanga and stood under highest pressure. After a marathon game, luckily won by the Greek, the letter was not to be stopped any more. The home team remained without any chance also in the two successive matches. The French top club has now to walk the way down. Since only three teams per national association are allowed to take part in the Champions League, Ochsenhausen will have to defend its position against a German challenger, unless the Upper Swabians fetch the title of the German champion, what is still possible and will be decided at end of April.

Eloi – Kreanga 18:20, 4:11, 7:11
Bahuaud – Smirnov 5:11, 8:11, 2:11
Bratanov – Crisan 5:11, 11:13, 5:11


Royal Villette Europlus Charleroi – TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau 2:3
Borussia Düsseldorf – SVS Niederösterreich 2:3

TTC VP Frydek-Mistek – STK Vecernij List Zagreb 1:3
TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen – Caen TTC 3:1

FINAL 1, 12. – 14. 4. 2002:
SVS Niederösterreich – Royal Villette Europlus Charleroi

TTC VP Frydek-Mistek and Caen TTC

The Liebherr European Champions League stands now before the finals, all other decisions are already made: In the semi finals, the second stage of this most important European club competition, the group winners played against the second of the other group for the qualification to the finals. The third of each group played against the last ones of the other group for remaining in the class. The finals brings a repeat of the previous year: Royal Villette Europlus Charleroi meet SVS Niederösterreich again. The two relegated teams are Caen TTC and TTC VP Frydek Mistek.

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