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2 Reviews for Victas VLB>301

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The short story is, not good for a penholder, unless you are a defensive penholder.
The longer story;shore A durometer measures 35 degrees. A full sheet weighs 45 grams (compared to Spectol Red 44 gms, 802 35 degree sponge 46 gms, Kokutaku 119 Japan sponge 56 gms). I play "classic" pips style, flat hitting FH, jab block with side and backspin on a fast carbon/kevlaz paddle. On the jab block and passive block against loop it lacks consistency. You can get a short dead block with this rubber (against robot topspin), but it's not that more special than you can get with any of the Spectols and the right technique. Even on a fast paddle it is hard to get a fast off the bounce jab block to press your opponent. It is easier to use a faster rubber and make it go slower with technique than depending on this rubber to give to a slow, short, weird block. So, for a "tension" rubber this is quite slow. It may be the geometry of the pips slow it down. The base is a flared but the shaft of the pip is cylindrical but quite long on comparison to other pips I've tried.

This would probably be a good BH rubber for a SH player who wants something for control and you can spin with it. It reminds me a lot of Spinlord Keiler.

After two weeks of robot work and two session of play against real people some of the pips are developing cuts at the base, but this is with heavy FH hitting.
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medium pips with good deception, easy to use both on chop and push
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