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3 Reviews for Victas Spectol S2

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Fast and very controlable. Change fom Moristo SP recently. S2 has less deception, but I win more points due to control and speed. Bolcks and counters are the best.
Easy to topspin underspin balls. The easiest Rubber to receive services. VERY GOOD. I play traditional penhold grip, so I need to do everything with the sort pimple and this rubber do everything well.
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ve tested a lot of short pips over 30...i think S2 is the best option in backhand for who plays close to the table with aggresive strokes , counter attacks and blocking(i've tried it in 1.6).
The pips are narrows in comparision to Spin Pips, the esponge is orange and soft with tensor inside, the sound of this rubber is fantastic.
This rubber is easy to play in comparision over toher rubbers like 101, Moristo , Sonic Ar, Tornado Extreme and others.

Not fast as 101 or MOristo Ax bu with more control.
It allows certain margin of errors and easy to return serves.
It has enought spin to do pseudo topspins.
Perfect for smash, active blocking and aggresive play.
Not disruption observed

IMO is better than its old versions Blue, Red TSP Spectol
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This rubber is a no for me. Too bouncy, poor control, and not enough gears. I tried 2.0 thickness. Maybe it could work in a twiddling setup, or in a combination with some all-around rubber. Feels like Spectol Red but with less spin and less control (speed is about the same).
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