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2 Reviews for Tibhar Evolution EL-D

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This rubber is quite fast, and very good for blocking and punching on backhand.

The achilles heel is that it has a oddly low throw angle. I find many of my shots tend to shoot low into the net. Sometimes my loops seem to land short on the table. Maybe the rubber isn't gripping the ball enough.
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Tibhar says this rubber plays "noticeably different than the also excellent EL-P and EL-S versions..."
I can confirm that EL-D does play fairly differently to EL-S, which was one of my favourite rubbers. I attribute the difference to the new sponge used for EL-D. It feels somewhat similar to the sponge on the original Rasanter series (R47, R42) without feeling exactly the same. The original EL-S feels slow with the new plastic ball. It is still a good rubber for developing players. On the other hand, EL-D is quite a fast rubber. It is easy to find the white line with EL-D, the trajectory is both high and long. It goes without saying that this is not for developing players as the ball does ping off the bat relatively quickly.
Compare to MX-P, the throw is higher and therefore blocking felt different. Once adjusted, I found myself doing more active blocking which resulted in a spinier ball. The new 45-47 degree sponge does make looping quite easy, but you do need to have a quicker snap to get the most of it. A feedback I have received is that my backhand loops feels slightly slower leaving my bat but kicks more after second bounce (which indicates good spin).
I will continue to use EL-D on the backhand side of my Clipper CR.
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