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2 Reviews for Sauer & Troeger Easy P OX

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Controllable and slow, but less deceptive than Hellfire, reversal is ok but nothing special, could be a good choice for push blockers than Win points placed the Ball sometimes in counter attacks. But the more important for all,is: to stop to change the pimple rubber, this situation is disastrous, and disturb the game development and is an addiction among the long pimples players that should be avoided.
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Slow, very controlled and very predictable, it's one of the most controlled LP's I've ever tried. Reversal is pretty good for such a slow LP, just a smudge less than Hellfire. Blocking is very controlled and it takes hard hits very well, a bit better than Hellfire IMO. Insensitivity to spin is about the same as Hellfire I would say.

I first tried it on Defplay and it felt very grippy and with a very high throw. I then moved it to my Clipper and it felt much better, I really think this LP needs a harder blade.

All in all a very good controlled LP that can be very effective when blocking off the bounce. I'm not sure whether Easy P or Hellfire works best for me, it's a very close call.
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