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Reviews for Sanwei TS7 Racket (4)

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The Racket is okay maybe for a beginner but does not perform as described Does not spin well for services nor returns For a person who plays fairly well this under performed for me Just ordered one from Joola
Best regards
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Fantastic Paddle
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A very eautiful blade. Almost good too...
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The Sanwei TS7 is a great beginner-level premade bat. It is fairly light, and the handle is not too thick or large for my average-sized hands. Fit and finish seem good enough, similar to other premades. The blade has a decent amount of power, and has a great feel to it. It has a decent amount of flex, not too stiff for a beginner. Both rubber topsheets appear to be the same, though the sponges differ significantly enough in hardness that it does affect control on drives. The topsheet of the rubber is quite spinny and spin-sensitive at first, but as it wears in a bit it becomes less spinny and much easier to control. It has a surprising amount of speed for the price point, though the backhand is very slow.
It's capable of pretty much all the basic strokes fairly easily, and drives in particular feel really nice for a 30 dollar bat. Forehand looping is actually pretty good too. Service is a little lackluster once the rubbers wear in a bit, but still not bad. I haven't yet tried replacing the rubbers, but the blade is pretty good for a cheap all-wood so I'd recommend keeping it for a beginner, and simply changing the rubbers.
A few negatives:
The FH rubber wears fairly quickly. The topsheet is good, but the sponge(I think its the 35 degree mystery sponge that RITC uses sometimes, or something similar I can't tell) kind of loses its initial oomph quite quickly(doesn't smell like it's factory boosted, like some other Sanwei rubbers, but whatever). Again, the blade is nice enough where I'd replace it once the FH rubber wears(I'd say me and my beginner friend --who I got this for-- put maybe 20 hours of drills on it so far).
The wings are quite sharp and definitely need sanding, it's very annoying to use before you sand it.
Overall, it's a great bat for the price point, definitely on par with or better than some other 60-80 dollar premade bats. Would definitely recommend to others.
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