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19 Reviews for Stiga Rosewood NCT V

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One of the best blades ever made. The Rosewood has such wonderful feeling. Easy to do drophot, great spin, and you can get the speed you want. Plays with most sold rubber in Asia, Nittaku Fastarc G1 on forehand, that gives me the best spin i ever had, and Tibhar Aurus Prime 1.7 on backhand, which gives me the smashingly strong finish-it-of backhand.
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The best blade from Stiga. Very good trajectory, you think the ball goes to fast out of the table, but always lands on the far away, Hard for opponent to hit the ball back. You also get master-spin, with almost all new rubbers, Tried 20+ rubbers, and never got mad about that aspect. Buy! Its a must to have. Best served with G1, R47, Spinart, Baracuda or Rakza7-9
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Plies: 5 (Wood + NCT)
- 2 * Rosewood 0.3mm
- 2 * Ayous 0.8mm
- Ayous 4mm
Width: 158mm
Height: 151mm
Thickness: 6.2mm
Weight: 93g
Speed: 8.5
Dwell/Spin: 8.6
Control: 8.8
Stiffness: 4
Hardness: 10
Value: 7.8
Overall: 8.9
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Hard blade that takes very good touch to play with. Flexes with very hard shots. Fast for a 5-ply all wood. Suitable for high level looping game.
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Very nice blade for the powerfull offensive player.Good control and power for close to the table and mid,far distance.Xu Xin is using Stiga Rosewood NCT V and Boost TX rubber.
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9/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Donic Coppa X1 Turbo Platin, 2.2mm, 45g (0.217g/cm^2), 47.5 degrees (ESN), 37.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Rosewood NCT V, 93g, 158mm x 151mm x 6.2mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood + NCT): Rosewood - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Rosewood.
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Ive been playing with this blade for 4 season, and im quite happy with it. Its a heavy stiff & fast for a thin 5ply blade and really consistent, but its not an easy blade for beginners since its got hard feeling and its bouncy on short game. I would rate off-/off slow range at much, a perfect choice for the new polly balls. However, Its also expensive and overall quality oesnt match with its price tag: typical a bit rough/unfinished edges and an annoying barnish top coat that will make a nightmare to stick firmly your rubbers on it, specially if you use to boost them.

If you think ALC blades are too bouncy fast and you want to try something more woody, allwood 5ply, thin& fast with enough punch, then I would give RWV a try.
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My first real blade. Previously i was playing with an old TSP Chinese 5-S, All around, lots of vibration and slow.

It was a huuuuuuge BOOM to my experience. This blade is as fast as date lenght. At first i tried with LT PLUS BH LT SOUND FH but it was ~meh~. Then i tried H3NEO FH Rakza7 BH...too heavy and did not fell right. Then i tried LT PLUS as FH and maintained Rakza 7 as BH. Supa dupa blaster master speed!! Awesome! I was able to loop consistently with BH and fast drive/smash with FH. Awesome....but still felt strange. Now i am with Rakza 7 Max both sides....WOW. Thats is!

My control short, close and mid distance improved a lot as i vary speed/spin a lot during a point, it offers very smooth transitioning.

The control provided by blade is good. Not superb, but good. It flexes a bit when swing too fast, which i found in hand on those far backhand angle strokes.

Speed is high.

Feeling...hmm...maybe i didnt my medicines up lately but it talks with you. Whenever you are with wrong rubber, stroke tells ya. I never saw myself blaming the rubber for that difficult stroke went wrong....i knew it was me...dem feels bro.

In short
Tons of fells - of course, monoply hinoki is the king in this department

Control - Good, yeah...good.

Speed - High o/

Hardness - HARD

Stiffness - Medium id say.

Short game - it lacks some control
but i think its due rakza.

Paired with medium-soft/medium rubbers is a looping machine. Rakza 7, Omega iv euro, Sigma II Euro would be good choices. Maybe Calibra LT Spin and Airoc M too!!

Ohh, mine weights 82gr! im lucky :))

If you are an intermediate player and want to take TT seriously, id highly advise this blade.
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I used to play with a Stiga Optimum Sync blade. This blade looks and feels very nice. It is very stiff for my liking especially coming from the Optimum Sync blade. Pros: Looks great, feels great, can make very fast and accurate straight line pushes close to the table. If play flat and smash the ball a lot instead of depending on spin, this is the blade for you. Since the surface is so hard, when you smash the ball, it is fast!!!. Cons: the stiff top layer of the blade cracks easy when you bang it on the table by accident. There is very little dwell time when executing heavy top-spin loops. The ball tends to leave the blade a little too fast all the time. Seems like you have to be mindful in catching the ball slowly and then loop it forward while keeping the blade more open than usual. If you usually keep you blade very open for smashin!
g, you will love this blade. With my Optimum Sync blade, I can have the blade closed up and loop just the top of ball and still have it go over the net because it the dwell time is much longer on the softer surface of the Optimum Sync. Conclusion: After trying the Rosewood NCT V blade, I come to think that very stiff blades are not fitted for my playing style. I have ordered an OSP Virtuoso blade and it is on the way. I hope that is more like the Optimum Sync that I am playing with currently.
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Pro's - very consistent, fast, great for counter hitting and looping and of course Rosewood is a beautiful blade. Con's - heavy 93g vs. 84g makes spin on short strokes and flips harder. With Tenergy 05 I can barely feel the ball on the paddle compared to same rubber on an ALC blade which has a ton more dwell time and contact feel. I use the new water based glue and haven't had any issues with rubber staying on the paddle.
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amazing blade !! very fast butwith an organic feel to it , i use a tenergy 25 fx on fh - - super . blocks are ok . shortgame sometimes a little hard t ocontrol . but opspins, mid distance , loops & counterloos - marvelous !!
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A fast blade,mine is with tenergy05, I think it is a quite good combination, the blade helps the tenergy faster
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I've used this blade a few days ago, and I think this blade is great for attacking play. I match it with Bryce rubber on FH & BH.
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using Nittaku Fine Zip glue can solve the gluing problem. PLEASE DO NOT sand off the surface layer!!! that layer plays a significant role in the overall functionality.
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Great blade, but I am not using it because I can't get rubber to stick to it. I need to sand off their sealant first then I will play it more.
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buen control a pesar de ser una pala rapida. es una pala muy consistente con un tacto bastante rigido. con gomas tipo tensor va perfectamente. el unico problema que le vi es que no enganchaban bien las gomas debido a una pelicula protectora que trae de fabrica. cosa que se soluciona pasandole una lija suavemente sin dañar la raqueta.
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this blade is actually really good, when playin with this one i feel its power and how easy is to hit the ball. very nice blade though
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This blade has a great speed to it. I actually think the feel and speed are the best I have ever played. I have played many of the top blades. The head is slightly smaller than average head size. And this one problem sums it up, this blade has a protective film for re-glue. We don't re-glue these days and because of that film the rubber easily comes off the face. You end up playing with rubber that is not completely stuck on in some places. This will cause you to miss and if you are me, it will take you 2 months to realize that is the problem.
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It's a very powerful and fast blade. Paired with Tenergy 64 FH and Xiom Sigma pro BH is marvellous.
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