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67 Reviews for Stiga Infinity VPS V Diamond Touch

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This has become my new favorit blade. It's fast enough, even without carbon layers and has a great feedback. It's "dynamic" and reatcs well to the touch. It is not as stiff as carbon bats and I'd say its a bit overrated in comparison. It's not a bad thing - on the contrary, the 5-all wood plies gives you a wonderful feel and feedback. It's fast for an all wood bat, however it cannot compete with carbon blades in raw hitting power. It does give you control, spin and is still fast enough for most situations. Its a bit heavy though but I've grown to like it. A LOT! Its my new favorit blade. It gives me the feeling of old golden times and its perfect for my style of looping. It also works very well close to the table. The blade has a very wide range, you can hit slowly or fast, light and careful will result in precise spinny hits while fast and heavy shots are powerful. Love the control, the touch and the feel of it. Works VERY well for looping. I combine it with Yasaka Rakza Z on FH and Rakza 9 on BH. Gives me both insane spin as well as control and precision. BH hits let me counter attack and I am able to change up the pace and get really fast "flickshots" on my BH while still retaining control. Worth every penny! More control than any carbon where you loose all feedback.
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Pour moi, c'est le bois parfait en terme de contrle/vitesse/puissance. On parle beaucoup des qualits intrasques des matriels mais ce n'est pas significatif. On oublie souvent la manire de jouer surtout lorsqu'on parle de contrle: la manire de tenir sa raquette : fermet et inclinaison. Les dfenseurs sont plus sensibles cette notion et sont d'ailleurs de trs bons attaquants (Ruwen Filus par exemple). L'nergie transmise la raquette dpend de la tenue plus ou moins ferme de votre main. elle amortit ou intensifie cette nergie (dans un rapport contle/puissance). Quand vous arrivez grer ce paramtre, vous grez beaucoup mieux votre jeu et vous pouvez choisir votre matriel plus facilement et plus prcisment. Ce bois est l'extension parfaite de votre corps et de vos intensions. En tout bois, on n'a pas fait mieux.
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I found this blade too slow for my game. Had no problem with the outer plies but found that the handle is quite rough. It could need some sanding.
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When i first had this blade i used Stiga Dna Platinum H and M. This felt like alright but really not special, More like a $100 setup. But when this blade is used with Hurricane 3 neo it all changed. It was decently bouncy and grippy. Felt so much power and control in the blade. Use chinese rubbers and it is a good pick. T05/ fastarc-g1 are good for bh.
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This blade has give me a tremendous amount of confidence to attack aggressively with my backhand. I’ve always used fast carbon blades or a composite variation in the past and whoa have I been missing out. Something about 5 ply wood and this particular one has literally made it 300% easier for me to aggressively loop with my backhand on and off the table. Long gone are the days of balls slightly miss hit flying into the nether. Big fan of this blade and it’s still very fast. Has a slightly bigger head in my opinion that normal and a huge sweet spot. 10/10 I highly recommend!
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I personally love this blade, you get a lot of feel. I use it with tenergy05fx on my back hand and Andro rasanter r37 on my fore hand, and its worked very good for me.
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I prepared this blade with the mizuno fortis ft and us the same rubbers (palio hk 1997, sticky fast). @1 the stiga vps v is little bit faster than the mizuno, with a lot of Controll.
@the beginning it was difficult for me to set the ball short but with some practice it's no problem.
Attack in every situation is such a pleasure with vps!!! It is the perfect combo of a mass of spin and lot of speed combined with a incredible Controll.
Now I und
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This is no ordinary 5-ply blade, it's a rocket ship with a nice feel and the "legend" handle is great for large hands. However, if you're most people and want to play with pace I'd suggest hitting the ball a little harder is a better solution than having this weapon; you almost certainly will get more consistency and stay in more games with a regular 5-ply blade against good opponents.
Don't get me wrong, if you want fast blade with the fantastic touch given by 5-ply construction, this is an excellent option and I've not got rid of it in the hope I'll one day be as consistent with this as with other blades for those who won't be attending the Olympics.
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I expected much more from Stiga! This ain't worth 60 euros! No way! This should be worth 30 euros. Sharp edges with harsh handle, must be sandpapered otherwise prepare your fingers for blisters. Somewhere they say this is slow blade because it's all wood - NO! This is fast blade! I paired it with t05 and boosted DHS H3N Pro and it is super fast, almost like bty alc blades. Definitely not suited for beginners because blade itself is bouncy and fast. Honestly for this price I would rather go with carbon blade. I didn't get benefits from all wooden blade from this one, it feels like carbon blades I used before. Speed 9/10 , control 9/10 , stiff, hard, overall impression 7.5/10 , expected much more for this price in terms of build quality.
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Mine is 88 grams in FL handle. It has a very good dwell time which really help at topspin, but is a bit to slow for my playing style, and the control is amazing .
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This is the best 5ply wood blade by stiga. Very light, stable and good feel after sanded.
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Don't get too excited..FZD only use its handle..I think dhs 301 and fangbo alc are better with similar price..
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best racket!!!!
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(28-10-2020) Light blade with really good feeling, vibration, and control. FH : donic bluefire M1 black. BH : Xiom Vega Pro red.
Speed = 8, not too slow, can manipulate the ball with confidence. Sometimes not fast enough but the spin really nice.
Control : terrific control. A lot dwell, can pair it with fast rubber, but i like to use spinny rubber.

I'm not a competitive player, so this is already really nice blade, can do all.
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very fast blade .. but needs high speed to discover its real power .. you have to be very offensive to get max benefits
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Hi friends.I have one it true that fan zhendong use Butterfly Viscaria blade with stiga infinity vps 5 handle?
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Just gotten a nice used Stiga Infinity VPS recently and paired it with 1) Gewo Mega Flex Control & 2) Loki Rxtn 1 Rubber. First impression, this is a nice 5 ply blade good for blocking and driving. It has a light feel and controllable too. Imho, it can be used by beginners to intermediate level player.
When playing with the Gewo rubber, if the timing is used at the right time during top spin and drives, this blade is fast but controllable and it depends how much energy one gives out during hitting the ball, close play and mid to far table. But if timing is not used at the right time the ball may goes straight to the net, but sometimes will hit the net but "climbed" over the net (if one is lucky). This showed how big the sweet spot is.
You need to sealed the blade first as it comes unseal.

If compared with a Butterfly Viscaria, the Infinity feels soft compared to Viscaria but more control due to its allround all wood capabilities. But Viscaria is much crisper than infinity.
Blocking is very good in both blades. More control with infinity but more speed to counter block with Viscaria maybe because one is all wood blade, the other is a hybrid (carbon, therefore stiffer) blade.

As a summary, the Infinity has a very good feel and vibration, due to its allwood composition and vps.
A very good blade for aggressive looping or driving with a very good amount of control. Indeed its control due to its speed is unbelievable. It is a killer spin-machine with medium to hard rubbers.
Thanks to Stiga for wonderful blade. Best 5-ply blade I had ever tried todate.
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9.3/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Palio CJ8000 Biotech 42-44, 2mm, 45g (0.22g/cm^2), 39.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Infinity VPS V Diamond Touch, 87g, 157mm x 150mm x 5.9mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Spruce - Ayous - Spruce - Limba.
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Bois rapide mais petit sweet spot...
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Light weight attacking blade with so much control.....more control than my clipper. Fall in love at first stroke...LOL
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I have used Korbel Sk7 with soft rubber (2010 to 2015), then Stiga Allround Evolution with hard rubber DHS H3 Neo (2015 to 2019), and now I decided to take the big leap towards a faster paddle (although with control) like the Stiga Infinity (83gr), adding hybrid rubbers ( tibhar hybrid k1 in FH and Yinhe Big Dipper in BH): the result is EXCELLENT. Final weight 186gr. All the balls fall on the table in any rally, easily, my serves are as effective as always, with a lot of effect, the blocks are phenomenal, the short thrust game is almost as good as with the previous setup (thanks to tacky rubbers too), and I have improved in quality of my tops, especially at medium and long distance from the table. I was amazed at how simple it is to defend smashes from afar: I just have to touch the ball so that It travels directly to the table, this gives me a lot of range to improve my technique, and more versatility and security in my game. I can hit tremendously strong flush balls near the table and they will enter like a missile, or improve my BH flick to take the initiative. I am very happy with this equipment, it is not expensive and its quality is enormous.
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some said it lacks power...others said it is powerful enough. So I tried my friend's Stiga Infinity and see who is right. Verdict: Yes, it DOES lack power from 1metre away the table. This is a pretty slow blade too. the only good thing I like about it is the CONTROL...which is the trade off you get at the expense of power and speed.

My Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive is a lot better and cheaper too!
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People saying this blade lacks control are either beginners or hate Stiga.... This blade has a wonderful touch and for an all wood blade a lot of speech.... Problem might be the rather flat ball curve and the durability of the blade. Because of the extra heated inner wood layer it breaks rather easy. Still a super blade... especially when looking at the price
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Good blade but could not find 2 of the same , the blade has occasional variations and its noticeable, I had one with hard feel and one with much softer feel both from same supplier original from Sweden. And I used same rubbers.
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This is the one of the best balanced blades I ever played with. Topspin, chops, flicks, blocks, shots whatever is easy. In fact that I prefer hard sponge rubbers the biggest con is short to short. If you don't play active enough the ball will go into the net. But there is training for that.
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Still dealing with the "hole" feel and sound. Otherwise plays pretty well.
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Plies: 5 (Wood)
- 2 * Limba 0.3mm
- 2 * Spruce 0.8mm
- Ayous 3.7mm
Width: 157mm
Height: 150mm
Thickness: 5.9mm
Weight: 87g
Speed: 8.2
Dwell/Spin: 9
Control: 9.2
Stiffness: 3.2
Hardness: 5.2
Value: 7.8
Overall: 9
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I bought this blade after reading many good reviews on Internet. Here is my thoughts about it. PROS(+): this blade looks nice and has comfortable handle. CONS(-): When I tried to play, with Infinity VPS, I was very disappointed by the performance of this blade. There is NO FEELING at all when you play and also the SOUND... It feels like you playing with the log instead of t.t. blade. Seriously, this blade makes some loud and dull sound with lack of feelings.... It was difficult to find right rubber for this blade. Classical Chinese tacky rubbers with hard sponge (<50 degrees) was difficult to use: blade didn't flex enough to produce good kick effect I was hoping for, as a result- less spin on the ball (around -20% decrease). After 2 months of torture, I gave up on Infinity VPS blade and went back to Stiga ALL Round Classic WRB. It is much superior to play with. Better kick effect and tones of spin with moderate speed, whereas VPS is faster and soo many balls ended up beyond the table. CONCLUSION: if you prefer hard and stiff blade with soft sponge rubber -you might like VPS blade. But, if your choice- hard sponge tacky rubber, and you are aiming for MAX SPIN, CONTROL and FEELINGS then look else where. The Stiga ALL Round Classic WRB, Waldner Senso Carbon V1 or Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon can give you better control, better kick effect and much more spin as a result, comparing to Infinity VPS, without compromising feeling during your play.
I hope it helps, PEACE.
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One of the best balanced all wood blades I ever tried.
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Love this blade, FH- andro rasanter v47, BH- andro rasanter r42. For those who want to buy first blade, try this blade first and you will love it.
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88g biggish fl handle, feel=heavy and hard.
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What a wonderful blade!
Very good feeling and vibration thanx to allwood compostion and vps.
A very good blade for agressive looping with a very good amount of control. Indeed its control due to its speed is unblievable. It is a killer spin-machine with medium to hard rubbers.
Thanks stiga for wonderful material and composition.
Best 5ply blade Ive ever seen.
And its st handle is very suitable and thick enaugh for a good greep.
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This blade has long trajectory like a lot of good Stiga blades. It is noticeably harder and stiffer than Stiga Intensity. Looping and blocking are both good. I have trouble controlling my shots sometimes with hard rubbers. I think switching to softer rubbers will solve this problem. Even though this is a pure wood 5-ply blade, its speed and stability are similar to a carbon blade. This is definitely not a blade for beginners. You will need to improve your stroke speed and accuracy to fully enjoy this blade. Once you master it, you can produce incedibly fast and spinny topspin shots. For the quality, this blade is not expansive either. Its definitely worth having. UPDATE: After spending several months practicing with this blade, I now fully appreciates its fine qualities. With DHS Skyline 3 on FH and Xiom Vega Pro on BH, this blade has great touch on short game and powerful topspin on loops. My set up is slightly head-heavy, but overall light weight, around 182g. With Skyline 3 on FH, this blade has incredible feelings. I can clearly feel each shot on the blade. When you put power into your shots, the blade produces lovely sounds.
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this is a nice 5 ply blade good for blocking and smashing has a light feel and has a strong feel too , can be used even by beginners but if the timing is used at the right time during top spin and smashes this blade is way to fast it depends how much energy one gives out during hitting the ball, close play and mid to far it is really offensive the handle is very nice, but if timing is not used at the right time the ball runs out or to the net. the blade is nice the disadvantage of this blade is its slightly small than my fang bo carbon , the face of the blade had to be 2mm a bit wider and it had to have a good finish,it has to be sealed and sold , the ball is very fast when it comes to an attacking game I am using the Dhs Hurricane 8 on FH & Tibhar Aurus on Bh I like this setup overall a good blade
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Very stiff and very fast, although it is quite light. Mine is 77 g. with ST. You must get used to its speed after moving from Off- / All+ blade. Good block, good shot. After the first training the overall impression is very good.
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I put aside my, 3 times more expensive, Timo Boll Spirit for this blade. I cannot imagine myself going back to carbon blades. The carbon layers of the Timo Boll Spirit kill the feeling of the ball, taking away one of the senses needed to play table tennis. Infinity is an aggressive all-wood blade with amazing feedback with some, but not annoying, vibration. It is only a bit flexible which helps generate spin and a nice kick effect. It is very light so I chose hard, heavy rubbers (Hurricane 3 Neo FH and Yinhe Mercury II BH). This combination is a bit slow but gives me amazing feel of the ball, unreal control and enough power to finish the point. Tacky rubbers help me take the initiative as soon as possible with flicks and opening loops. Ball placement, the kick effect, soft touches and the ability to change the pace during a rally frustrate my opponents. Tacky rubbers and the straight handle make these attacks easier. It produces awful vibration and sound when you miss hit or hit flat. The range of the blade is from close to the net to far away from the table. I do not understand why people say it is slow. The flexibility creates a small catapult effect when playing far from the table. I havent experienced any built quality issues yet but the wood is soft and gets damaged when you accidentally hit the table. If you want to improve your technique combine it with hard rubbers. Players with bad technique will initially find it hard to play with a combination like that but advanced players will be impressed by its precision and versatility. Flat hitters and unfit players should go for tensor rubbers. Control is high so it works amazingly well even with fast rubbers like Tenergies. I would avoid soft rubbers.
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Speedy but lack of control.
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I have the penhold version, its a bit heavy and thicker... apart from that is a very good blade, fast with a lot of control. the feeling is very nice, i dont feel any vibrations, overall a great blade. Must buy if you wanna take your game to another level. Used by Fan Z.D.
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Very good blade especially for who plays close to table , incredible amount of control and dwell time.
Just be sure that , you should seal this blade. Do not use it without of sealing . At the end i highly recommend it to starters ; up to intermediate level players; Pro's who whould like to feel the ball and play close to table.
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1 of the best all 5 wood ply blades
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My wood weighs 94 grams over 87 that says stiga, very large variation if you are going to buy it you must weigh it before, I think that stiga minimizes the speed of your woods, I can not believe that stiga OC is classified in latest catalogs like all +, stiga Infinity is probably off +, I feel faster than yasaka overdrive off +, however it is the best woods, buy it you will not regret it.It is very good, medium-fast with good control, medium weight, great sweet spot, consistent, pleasant sensations, very pleasant presentation, requires a bit of sanding at the edges, comfortable handle, almost everything is fine in this wood stiga, good price.pieces of wood are raised when the rubbers are removed, some vibrations and push-ups are felt when the ball is struck
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Great for spin and control but extreme power and correct technique absolutely required for away-from-the-table play. Players like FZD might be able to play but rumour has it that this is NOT his blade but Viscaria. :P
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vibration is enough and good cntrol without loose your energy from ur blade...
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Awesome blade and powerfull with set up FH calibra Lt spin BH Tenergy 80, increase speed and spin is easier.. backhand flick very easy cause this blade is light of weight.. great blade i ever used...
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Good to have but i find it hard to believe Fan Zhendong use this blade to win world rankings. Sweet spot is good however can feel the shaky vibration.
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I played only for 5-7 times,but can feel too much vibrations(horrific).Speed is not fast with my technique.I am sure Fan Zendong can hit fast with anything,but for intermediate player like me.....does not seem to have good speed.I have andro trieber Z as my main blade,which is super fast and amazing control+sound.I will update as I play more.
Now I have played a bit more,I hate this blade even more,its far inferior to Yinhi T11+,which is soooo fast+great control+ideal amount of vibrations.This VPS is awful in control,I cant return any fast loops on the table....I can easily do that with my other blades.but it shines in close to the table attacking game.Maybe I don't have the right rubbers on ,I use BH baracuda(donic),FH blufire m3(donic).The sound is so broken wood.I bought from paddle palace,its not their fault.The blade is over hyped.
UPDATE=I have been playing a lot with good player at my club,I have gotten a lot better at looping,attacks,technique.So I now love this blade.Beautiful blade.I am using it with Black-Aurus(Tibhar)+red Bluefire M3.Looping monster.Loops are swinging and curling and spinning crazily off the table.My fault was I was trying to play away from the table.This is a blade for close to the table....all attack blade.magical control/speed/spin when u use it right.Grip is awesome.Very light setup.
Update 14 March,2019:No doubt very poor blade.I hate it.No control,very poor for blocks.
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I have 2 blades in Legend. 1st one is 86g, head 155x150cm, well balanced with heavier rubbers, but whole bat is then heavier (181g). I both the 2nd one, which was 80g, 157x152cm (so differences are always) and put there Donic Acuda P2 1.8 on both sides so with heavier rubbers it could be a bit head heavy, but not much. Whole racket is 169g. It is lighter, slower and now I can improve my technique. With good technique you can play shots from close to table, mid distance and also mid to long distance from the table. Overall it is very good blade, sealing recommended, sanding edges, too. Legend handle satisfied my big hands and long fingers. For comparison with TSPW, TSPW does have smooth finish on handle, but it could feel like you can through the racket during shots. Stiga's rough handle finish is therefore better for me. I did not try many blades, but now I know, this is what I was looking for. I hope it will last long time even with rubbers changing and won't splinter.
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Sensitive blade with a good feel ,since the thick "Diamond Touch-limba layer".The sweet spot of this blade is huge.Once you hit it ,this blade would give you a flexiable feel.
Work well with these rubbers: Stiga Clibtra TOUR M ,and Xiom Vega Asia .Both of them were stable and capable of making powerful shots.
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A very good blade in most areas. Great control especially from mid distance. Like many other Stiga blades it got that nice feel and balance between speed and control. I would say this blade is All round to off-.

Works best with medium rubber I think. A really good blade that ain't that expensive either.
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Excelente madera mucho control
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10/10, excellent cheap blade. An off blade with great touch, while still having a controlled feel. Bought it very cheap and its really worth its money.
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I've played with a lot of Stiga blades and for the last 1.5 years I've played with an XO with MX-P on both sides. The Infinity is for me the best blade I've tried so far. I play on both sides MX-S in max. The touch is a little bit softer than with the XO and it has some more flex. In passive game or short-short I have much more control as with the XO and I can produce massive spin at the serves.
It is a bit slower than the XO but offers outstanding control. I have a very heavy one with 95 grams (same as the XO) and it is quite fast on topspins but very controlled on returns or in passive game.
The only negative points what I see is first: The top layer is extremly thin and damageable. You have to seal it very carefully.
Second point is that the weight is very variing. I'm looking for an additional Infinity with the same weight and found blades from 75 to 95 grams. So make sure that you'll find one with the right weight for you.
Besides that I can fully recommend this blade as one of the best 5-ply blades I've seen.
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Best 5 plywood have always been with limba-limba-ayou-limba-limba (Waldner senso V1/V2, Joola K5, Bty primorac, Bty Korbel, Stratus power....), but Stiga comes here with an amazing variation : Limba-spruce-ayous-spruce-limba

The tickness is arround 6mm, like most 5ply allwood blades.

The feeling is amazing on this blade, and the blade is so well balanced (mine is 82gr) even with heavy rubbers. The speed is faster than Korbel or Primorac and the sweet spot has been greatly improved compared to those.....the addition of a composite layer is not needed anymore (many primorac/korbel users have moved to Innerforces blades, same composition + composite material).

Medium throw, awesome flex and dwell time thanks to allwood composition, amazing touch and balance. Provides far enough power for any kind of attacking playstyle and precise like no other blades.

Really advanced players can look for an heavier Infinity VPS (88-90gr) for even more power.

I don't seal my blade, because I don't want to change its characteristics. Sealing makes the blade faster, lower the throw angle and dwell time, lower the flex also but more important : lower the elasticity of the limba outer ply and makes the touch harder...........making you losing spin and control.

I use normal VOC glue and I'm doing fine with it so far, no quality issue.

I own numerous top end composite blades (viscaria, TBS, TB ALC, various Innerfoces, Kong Linghui Special, photino, photino light, ZJK blue dragon, Mizutani Jun.....), all of them are amazing, but I'm using the infinity paired with Flexxon 1.7mm on BH and Nanoflex FT48 2.1mm on FH....I fell like I'm black to speed glue era, without speed glue at all !!!

One of the best blades I ever tried with the Innerfoce AL, Zhang Jike blue dragon and the classic 5 plywood blades mentioned above

And one the best bang for bucks also......
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very good blade
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Loved the way it plays. Only problem is that one of the plys came off after about 5 months.
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No weakness. Somebody wrote it lacks power mid distance and i had to laugh. With good technique this blade will do what u want. So much power in the fast game and so much control in the short game. And it doesn't lack power mid distance. Choose the right rubber and u will love this blade. Everybody should try it. But don't forget to seal ur blade because the top veneer is rly thin.

Overall one of the best blades I have ever played with and i played a lot.
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Stiga has hit a home run with this one. Light fast blade with good sweet spot. Tired of dull feeling composite blades that cost to much then this blade is your weapon of choice. Crisp direct feel with control. Great for looping at all distances. Nice touch for short game. The new conic grip feels superb. Legend FL is perfect also. Pair it with Tenergys, Rakza 7, Mark V HPS and you will rule the known universe. Great blade for a wide range of offensive minded players. A rare 10 out of 10.
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Good control for an OFF blade.

Coming from using a carbon blade, the Infinity VPS has improved my game giving me that extra dwell time to play the ball. my looping on both sides improved and I am now mastering the backhand heavy loop which was hard to execute with a fast blade.

I am also having more success at mid distance, staying in and winning the longer rallies!

Some sanding needed to smooth the edges, otherwise a beautifully made blade from Stiga.
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This blade is excellent built
1.good control
2.good speed ( amazing when you get to the hearth of the blade)
3.incredible dwell time
4.good for a variety of styles
5.good touch
6.awesome feel
7.good for developing fast
So I would recomend it to a lot of styles.but I think it is best for attacking style because the feeling is amazing,you have good touch and control even though you have good up with a spin or flick or short and then just pressure your opponent
Update 1.11.14
My blade is now destroyed :(
Which I did
After 6months the edges splintered of and the top veneer on the edges is now gone so one bad thing is the quality but because it only costs 60&not; you could buy a new one after that time but I didn't because there is a risk that you get a bad one.I had an amazing one and I now switched to butterfly because of the quality difference
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great blade for players who play offensive but still like great control i think it is one of stiga best blades
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Fast all wood that has all the great characteristics of wood blades: control, good looping, great 1st opening shot, touch. At the same time it offers speed of a carbon blade with good arm speed and technique. It requires some sanding of the edges and might need sealing as the wood appears fragile. I play medium to far of the table and it shines!
This is the only wood blade which works well with tenergy rubbers (most of time tenergy just feels better on carbon or alc blades).
I really like the appearance of it as well, it is simple - sort of like Korbel when you look at the handle. I would say Stiga is faster than Korbel and Alc blades.
It offers way more spin on your topspin combared to for example Primorac Carbon.
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From STIGA, it says that the Infinity VPS V with Diamond Touch and also with the brand new VPS technology (Veneer Precision System) is built with two hand-selected middle veneers that are treated with a unique and exact heating and cooling process with precisely measured time and temperature.
Its quite light for me as I am used to heavier blades. The craftsmanship is excellent and the texture feels great. The blade is quite stiff, not really very stiff like the Rosewood VII or the Ebenholz VII, but somewhere between them. It is somewhere near the Rosewood XO. For me, this blade feels great when close to table, which suit my style of playing, so its fine. The opponent cannot really return the ball well. As I get further away from the table, I feel like I need to exert more force to have the same amount of speed and spin gradually. As I play fast attack, with fast hits, and seldom looping, this blade will not be better than the Clipper Wood, which is built for flat hitting. But nevertheless, this blade still provide a great overall play for all kind of style. This blade suit all kind of rubbers, but I think that mid-hard sponge rubber suit the blade the best.
After a month, it's still in great shape!
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this is a power forehand for a player like me who plays not to kill the ball but for more spin the ball, control is very good in hard rubber for forehand, for backhand good for soft rubber, its a nice blade to step from slow to fast blade,
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Just bought this blade and overall it is a good one. Comparing this to the Rosewood XO, the Rosewood XO is better in my opinion. There are some pros and cons in the Infinty.


Good for Close-to- table attacks
Good control


Lots of vibration.

Sometimes while playing far from table attack, the ball will lose some of its topspin while traveling to the other side..


Good return on the backhand. Both attack and block is superb for the backhand.

You have to adjust the handle grip for the forehand. I don't know why but I just have to. ( Look at Fan Zhendong's forehand )

Fit for close to table attack. Most probably fit for Short Pimples.

Lots of vibration but no matter overall
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Wow! what a blade from stiga.. So light in weight. Excellent control. I can now able to place all of my shorts on table. This blade is well balanced and well built. It has very mild vibration that really helps to feel the ball and place the ball. mostly all wooden blades have this.

I have Andro Rasant on FH and Rakza soft 7 on BH. Awesome feeling. I was using TBS with andro Rasant FH and Tenergy 05 BH, it was a bit heavy and some of my short flew away from the table and the FL handle of TBS is so slippery and thin. So moved to Stiga infinity VPS V with Legend handle. Legend FL was the handle I was looking for. excellent grip.

if you need accurancy and good spin go for this blade.
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10/10 Great blade. An off blade with great touch, while still having dwell for amazing spins or controlled smashes. Large sweet spot with low vibrations is very forgiving when going for hard to reach shots. Great for mid to close play. $75 bucks and worth every penny. I'm surprised stiga didn't try to charge more.
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Excellent Blade from Stiga, i recommendated this Blade to all players like precition and control in his game!!!! the best i tested from Stiga untill now!!!
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