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9 Reviews for Nittaku Fastarc P-1

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Hard to generate spin, arc is lower than normal
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I paired on FH on andro timber 7 offensive blade AnE BH use c1 . Also Nitakku . I am able to loop comfortable and play back spin balls . Its amazing how control it is . Only 4 hr session . I am amazing at it all . Consistent loop , smash and good forehand control
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Very linear rubber.
You need to execute topspin strokes with power and in forward motion.
Durable and high quality rubber.
It is fast and spin insensitive so counters are killer. It has very unique feel .
Only thing i dont like about this rubber is absence of speed glue sound which provide me feedback. Other than that if you are power driver playng from distancee this rubber is way to go.
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Positioned as a forehand rubber for the new plastic ball, P-1 has slightly lower arc and longer trajectory vs its infamous sibling G-1. Sponge is 47.5 degree hardness but feels soft at hitting - you can feel the ball soaked into it and catapult out. Good speed and spin. Works well for me as backhand looping rubber on my Ebenholz V.
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this rubber has so many gears, on slow loops i don't overshoot the table, the spin was ok but my opponent said that my balls were so heavy and spinny, i did not believe it but i had great matches with this rubber, block is super safe, behind the table the rubber brings every ball back, and if you want to attack it is fast to, down the line shots were super easy, a super controll rubber and perfect for the short game, but not a ultra fast rubber but fast enough (ca. 9,3 from 10 points for speed, so more than enough), weight is a little bit heavy, but so what :) i am happy
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To be honest the rubber is good, but has its pros and cons, if you look for something quick this is your rubber but it is difficult to do topspin because it does not absorb the ball well at the time of doing topspin, I recommend this rubber for FH, I use this rubber with the blade TB ALC and the Most of the balls were thrown off the table by having a high projection angle and a great velocity. More than all this rubber is to play away from the table in order to appreciate all its power

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Good Control and spin Fastarc.
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Fast on fast strokes and not very fast on slower strokes. A great counterlooping rubber.
Great touch game, ok spin on the table and very good spin on power loops. This rubber has a very low arc. Not very spin sensitive.
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Was looking for a medium hardness sponge with above average spin characteristics. Had been using Omega 5 Europe, which I had mixed feelings about. Played a week with P1 and am now once again a big fan of Omega 5 Europe. The P1 feels linear and controlled on forehand counters and blocks, yet for some reason, it lacks the necessary grip for effective topspin play. Where Omega 5 Europe picks up a forehand topspin, P1 seems to leave the ball in the net, although it supposedly has a higher throw... think it'd be OK on the backhand, am going to try it there for a while
:Update: don't like it on the backhand either. Switched back to XO5E. The search for a BH rubber continues...
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