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16 Reviews for Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo - Orange Sponge

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Specifically to Hozuki - I've seen some posts on TT forums od this person posing as arrogant know-it-all, ridiculing himself due to missing knowledge. Here, calling people dumb as he thinks he could easily find our the truth about rubber hardness - 45 Deg, thinking naively that it must be the same hardness rating as used for ESN rubbers, while calling all other users dumb. Well, what about checking the origin of this hardness rating? Or, better, what about actually trying the rubber out yourself, as you've hardly did so as you wouldn't post such a ridiculous review? Check some hardness ratings by Nittaku, Dude.. they state that Fastarc G-1 comes with 37.5 Deg hardness, and Nittaku H3 Neo is 42.5.. this rubber is HARD.
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Less tacky than DHS Hurricane. Cut rubber weighs 56g, so this is a heavy rubber. Slightly faster than DHS H3N, but slower than Big Dipper. Spin seems less than H3N, and the topsheet surface doesn't seem anywhere near as grippy as H3.

This rubber is quite dead and needs a lot of booster to play well. But it turns into a monster of a rubber with enough booster as it is very powerful.
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I am used to chinese rubbers, H3 Neo, Jupiter 2, Big Dipper, Hurricane 8...
My Jupiter 2 was a bit old and I decided to try many rubbers for forehand on my Yinhe V-14 Pro: Sieger Pk50 (too fast and bouncy for my FH), Nittaku H3 Pro turbo blue sponge (way too hard and heavy for me...), then H8 but no...
So then I was tired of testing rubbers and I glued the Nittaku Hurricane pro 3 turbo orange (I had my doubts due to the failed experiment with the blue version.): but it was just perfect to me, nice in all aspects, I feel I can do anything with a good training so I will stick with it for some months and maybe some years. By the way, I am using Sieger Pk50 for BH and I love it.
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10/10 for ALL style. FH/BH: Nittaku H3 Pro Turbo Orange, 1.8mm, 54g (0.263g/cm^2), 45 degrees (Nittaku), 41 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Allround Classic WRB, 65g, 158mm x 151mm x 5.3mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Hollow handle. Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Limba.
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Nittakus quality shows again. A very fun rubber to play with, paired with Nittaku on bh, its a gem.
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It is a softer, higher quality version of Hurricane 3. This makes it a bit more versatile than H3. The sponge reacts in a more predictable way than the sponge of H3 Neo when you hit hard. It is slightly faster than H3 but not a lot. The sponge is closer to the Provincial version of H3. But the top sheet of HP3TO is giving you a better grip. I would give it a try before buying the provincial or national versions of Hurricane rubbers.
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It's for offensive game. You have to play aggressively to get the advantages of this rubber. Fast and spinny loop. Medium throw angle.
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Combination of DHS Hurricane 3 National surface and Nittaku sponge with out-of-the-box Active Charge treatment (booster you can smell). This rubber is of extreme tackiness and medium-hard sponge, to create monstrous spin with high arc at great speed. A perfect forehand rubber for blades with a hard outer layer, i.e. Ebenholz V.
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Ratings for 1.8mm. I have used 2.0 (super thick) and 1.6 (medium) on Timo Boll ZLF blade, 1.6 on Timo Boll ZLC, Innerforce Layer ZLF blades. You can do anything you want with this rubber: loop, chop, smash, flip. The crazy ball lifting grip and very hard sponge gives many gears even when using 1.6 sponge. Control is excellent especially in 1.6 thickness. The rubber doesn't really bottom out because it's so hard. 2.0 is 54g cut, 1.6 is 50g. Dwell time is lower than softer rubber on passive shots, but the tackiness helps control a lot. It encourages proper technique. On active shots this rubber is a monster. The DHS version of this comes with a variety of sponge hardnesses, but I haven't seen 1.6mm sponge. You can skip the 2.0 sponge because it doesn't provide any advantages over 1.6. I prefer this Nittaku sponge because I can control the pace of the game easier to create winning opportunities. Update: on Stiga Allround WRB, after trying 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0, I prefer 1.8 to get a bit more pace.
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I have been using H3Neo on my FH for several years and I wanted to try something different. I really like the tackiness of the top sheet but my technique was simply not good enough to properly use the hard sponge on the DHS rubber. Once in while, if all the stars aligned, I'd get these stupid topspin loops that surprised everyone with the amount of spin and speed, but generally speaking, I wasn't able to hit the ball hard enough.

The Nittaku HP3TO changed that for me. It has a softer sponge than the H3N, not by much but it is softer so I was able to engage the sponge more. It felt like my loops were spinnier and a little faster and I seem to get them on the table more often. I really like this rubber, especially boosted, it's a dream. On serves, you can generate a vicious amount of backspin if you brush the ball properly. I had several opponents give their bat a weird look when the ball launched off their rubbers and went straight into the net after a heavy backspin serve.

My problem, unfortunately, a big one, is that this thing is heavy. I don't have anything to weigh it to provide empirical proof, that said, the blade felt quite a bit heavier with the Nittaku rubber than with the DHS version.

The rubber is absolutely fantastic close to the table. It was easy to punish long serves as this rubber will lift any amount of backspin if the serve is long and you know how to loop. I could win points outright from a bad service to my forehand side. I highly recommend this rubber but remember, this thing is heavy.
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I give it a try since some review stated it resembly h3 neo national and i also try h3 neo. When i glue it, i realised that it is totally different than h3neo comm i have use. How come this 2 monster combine together? Rubber using chinese runber while sponge using g1 sponge. I feel very dissapoint to buy in this rubber. Even mima ito have change back to g1. The drive is superb but the loop is very poor compare to h3neo com and g1. Controlling is low. I suggest better take g1 or h3 neo than try this rubber. I take risk to put some olive to the topsheet, it become tacky but the grip have drop instantly.
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It is an excellent rubber . This rubber is very close to the original national Hurrican 3 with bluesponge !
That's why the price a little bit expensive . But it worth the money .It is a dream rubber on my Photino
blade (7mm thick ZLF blade) You can do everything with this rubber if you give yourself enough time .
It is not a lazy Hurrican at all . Serve receives with low arc push is a fabulous thing .
Its very good for the polyball as well and the best is : the tackiness is very durable compared
to the Hurrican 3 Neo .
It is the legendary Ito Mima's weapon . She beated the 3 top chinese girls ( Zhu / Ding /Wang ) one
after the other on the same tournament .
But you need patience with this rubber ...practice makes perfect ... don't buy it if you think
"... with this rubber I'll be the number one in a short time ..."
The rubber is very good at playing the " kamikaze " pingpong but you have to set it on
an OFF/OFF+ blade : Viscaria /Photino/Primorac carbon / Stiga carbonado 45 etc.
You can read here in revspin rating that sponge is HARD ...but it is not true !
Sponge is only MEDIUM hard ! The only negativ thing is the heavy weight ,but you
can get used to it in a short time .
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I don't think it's a hard rubber, probably some players confuse hardness with feeling that you get playing with hard blade combined with a relatively thin rubber. The Turbo Orange is 2 mm in max, so you should take it into account. It definitely feels differently comparing to classic DHS and Nittaku Hurricanes, its sponge gives you that slightly resisting tensor-like feeling suggesting there must be some catapult effect. And it's actually there, not as strong as of tensors though, reminding more of that you can get from hybrids. I've been living and practicing in China for 7 years in total and my topspin technique is definitely Chinese-like, so I've tried almost all kinds of Hurricanes available on the market. The main shortcoming of this rubber for me is that its ark is low and very long, I had to tune it with 2 Falco layers on sponge and a tea spoon of olive oil on topshit in order to get what I did want. I'd say it's more suitable for those who just start getting into Hurricane-like rubbers due to its feeling and not bad flat shots performance, Nittaku Neo and especially Pro would be a better choice for more experienced players
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Heaviest rubber I've ever used. Honestly I feel little difference between this rubber and a typical Hurricane 3 Neo. I do not recommend this rubber since it weighs too much and causes your swing to be slower. And the sponge doesn't even really give it much springiness, it's basically just an overpriced Hurricane 3 Neo.
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people here are very, very dumb, sponge hardness is actually 45 degrees as disclosed by a german tt shop.
According to the ratings here, one could assume a porous stone is used instead of a sponge.
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Nittaku quality. Nuff said
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