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3 Reviews for Killerspin Kido 7P (regular edition)

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it has a lot of spin and control, but if you want more speed, you have to go to the diamond tc with the fortissimo rubbers. good paddle overall.
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I've tried quite a few Killerspin racquets and I gotta say, they're really blending together. It might be the fact that most of them come with their signature Nitrx-4z rubbers, as does this one, and I don't like it. The 7p blade is really stiff, which amounts to, (what feels to me) like quite a few uncontrollable shots when paired with The 4z rubbers. It could be my inexperience, but I also have a Ma Lin offensive paired with some DHS Hurricane 3 Neos and don't have the same problem.

It's fast, which is a plus, but very unforgiving when you're trying to loop unless the ball already has a lot of topspin on it, which is the case most of the time. On the same note, I have a lot of success attacking chops with it, and my backhands, while maybe not the spinniest and really fast and mean with the 7p.

Eh, take this with a grain of salt. I could just be terrible at TT. I'm curious to see how the blade handles with a different rubber though. I get the feeling the results will be similar with Killerspin's own Fortissimo, but there are plenty of fish in the rubber ocean.
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This is a great racket. Excellent control and speed my games has got much better with this racket. Racket does make a differance believe me.... A+++
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