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Reviews for JOOLA Vyzaryz Freeze (6)

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Low throw
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I like it, better any blades from butterfly but cost a lot so you must know what do you want, I put 9 because 9,8 is too high for me it is more 9,3-9,4 as top level quality but no game changer.
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High control, looping blade is probably the biggest 'gap' in table tennis market because the most selling blades crush your spirit, they are too fast for modern rubbers. I found Joola Vyzaryz Freeze is perfect for hybrid rubbers.
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enormous grip, very good for SP.
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This blade is very similar to Michael Maze alc but with better control, the throw is medium low with new rubbers with high throw it is linear weapon for offensive player. The biggest attribute is grip even the throw is low, so your creative artistic wisdom should be like a challenge for yourself to try this blade and put Dignics 09c on both side just to have the spinniest and the slowest setup, just to create low short balls but with very high arc so your opponent will have less time. This is type of equipment for players who have problems with choppers, open high loop, and short stop chop for making Pips player work
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Weight: 92 grams
Plies: 7 (limba outer, limba, al-c, kiri core)
Thickness: 5.89mm
Speed: Off
Stiffness: Medium Stiff

I want to say that this is my favorite Vyzaryz blade. I was clear on saying I love ALC blades and to think the outer layer is limba which is perfect for Chinese rubbers or tacky rubbers. I did not have any hard time adjusting to this blade because of the 3 blades mentioned, this is the most user-friendly and most forgiving in all types of offensive shots. Like the 2 other blades above, the handle is a bit bigger in terms of shape especially on the neck part. I measured the base of the flared handle with 25.56mm x 34mm. In terms of construction, this blade reminded me of a Marcos Freitas ALC blade. In terms of plies and construction they are almost the same with the thickness being lesser for Vyzaryz Freeze. Also, it would probably be also similar to Michael Maze ALC.

This is the true Off speed only blade in the series. The Trinity blade, in my opinion, is not an Off speed blade but rather an off+ speed blade. I would place it as slower and softer than the Rosskopf Emotion and probably in the same speed level as Freitas while Michael Maze ALC is definitely slower. The Freitas is thicker by almost a mm but speed as what I remember is almost the same. I would not tag the Freeze as slow, it is indeed fast but it is more of a controlled offensive blade. I think a lot of people while find the Vyzaryz Freeze likeable due to its control, flex and good feel. The feel is not too hard or too stiff. The flex is felt especially on loops that are slow and spinny. When paired with the Dynaryz AGR and Rhyzer 45, it produces a medium arc while the 2 other Vyzaryz blades are at low level arcs. I am quite biased with this blade because it is balanced in terms of its strengths. It felt like a softer Viscaria but offers almost the same speed and more flex. I think I like the softer feel better but this is just a personal preference. This is perfect for players who use hard forehand rubbers but love to loop underspin balls in all 3 types of contact timing points – off the bounce, peak or late contact. For people who are not familiar with what I am pertaining to off the bounce or on the rise contact point is when the ball is still rising after it bounced in the opposite side of the table, peak pertains to the highest part of the bounce and late when the ball is beginning to go down. Those are the basic 3 types of contact timing points that were taught to me and I also teach in turn to my students. Each has its own strength and weakness with the off the bounce as the fastest and the late timing as the slowest loop. The Vyzaryz Freeze excels really good especially on the peak and late contact timing points. It is good in taking the ball early and looping it but due to it being slower, the Hybrid and Trinity versions are much better if you want more powerful shots or in the case of the Vyzaryz Freeze, attach a hard and fast rubber to offset the lesser amount of speed provided by the blade. At the end of the day, it goes down to personal preference, rubbers used and the skill of the individual using the racket. I can confidently say that the Freeze blade is the easiest to handle in terms of defense and offense. In defending against shots like topspins and drives, blocking with it easy for the Freeze blade to handle due to some softness and flex it offers and the ALC layer actually helps in controlling fast attacks. Of the 3, the Freeze is the best looping blade and the one that is easiest to control and even intermediate level players can actually use this with a slower rubber. If people are looking for a Viscaria-like blade but with a softer feel and better control, then the Vyzaryz Freeze is one of the blade I will gladly recommend. The best controllable set up for the Vyzaryz Freeze would be Rhyzer 50 forehand and Rhyzer 45 backhand. Rhyzer 45 seem too soft for the forehand due to the blade’s flex. For faster shots or if you play far from the table, it would be Dynaryz AGR and ACC both sides at max thickness.
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