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1 Review for GEWO In-Force PBO-PC

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Want a perfect clone of the Hurricane Long 5 but with a different handle (anatomic for example)? Here you are.
I love the touch, feeling, speed, spin, everything about HL5, except the handle. I'm a user of AN handles for 30+ years, I tried very hard to get used to the HL5's but couldn't (I don't feel confortable - even with the W968 version - and can only play like 90% of my level), so I've been in search for an alternative, offering the same playing experience, but with an AN handle. I have played with dozens of inner blades from Andro, BTY, Donic, Gewo, Tibhar, Yasaka, Yinhe, until the Gewo In-Force PBO-PC, which is a perfect match.

I know, you will tell me "but HL5 is ALC, this one is PBO, it can't be the same".
I answer, don't trust the marketing speech about fibers.

Listen carefully, I'm not saying that "Aryl-Carbon" and "PBO" are the same fibers. Even ALC and ALC can be different! If you compare DHS' Aryl-Carbon with BTY's Arylate-Carbon, they are quite different (both visually and from a game perspective). The same way, Tibhar's Kevlar-Carbon is very different from BTY's Kevlar-Carbon. The molecular composition doesn't really matter for tt players, so manufacturers use various fibers from various manufacturers, and since most names aren't registered trade marks, they can say whatever they want, it doesn't always reflects the way a blade reacts during an actual game. Now, for whatever reason, it happens that the PBO in this Gewo behaves the same exact way as DHS' ALC in the HL5. Same speed, same spin, same control.
Yet Gewo is half the price of DHS and offers a better finish. It may not have Ma Long's mojo, but if you don't care, try this Gewo!
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