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4 Reviews for Der-Materialspezialist Transformer

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This is an anti-spin rubber. If this is your first time venturing into antispin you need a lot of adjustment. The stroke should be similar to eurostyle that works well with short pimple. This is very slow rubber and works best with opponents that love to spin and play fast. I am a pen holder and i glued it on a T-11 fast blade. The reason for this is I used rpb a lot. This setup is very effective against player who has knowledge in playing against antispin. After my opponent blocked my rpb i will use the transformer (regardless which side cause i am pen holder) which is glued to the front. The sudden change of tempo plus the spin reversal always catch my opponent flatfooted.
When it comes to spin reversal. This is the best. I can also attack using this rubber. It is totally insensitive to spin and do not impart any spin. It also chew up speed and thus reduce power on the incoming ball. Always be prepared to stroke the ball forward using your arm at about 15 to 30 degrees angle from the table (forward up motion) with the blade flat or open. Just imagine hitting the ball behind at about 15 degrees below the equator.
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Iv been a long pimple attacker for a longtime always looking for a way of sending the ball back in a awkward and difficult way. I vary shots from chop away from the table to close table blocking and attacking. Hence switching to transformer, chopping away from the table feels a lot more comfortable then pimps, it's more consistent but blocking fact topspin is not as easy as shown by top players. Playing drop shots with the right practise is very easy, I love it's disruptive effect and hidden ability to throw people off. I use it on a Toni Hold up blade and it's perfect
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I buy 2 of this rubber:
- 1,5mm
- 0,6mm
The first (1,5mm) is a very very not-gear rubber; and i wrong to applied that in my Nittaku Violoncello.
I was very frustrating when i send all my blocks in the net; with difficulties (sponge is very fragile) i move this rubber in my all-round/offensive blade (Darker Carbon Ligth) and the rubber works better.
But i take the best with the second one (0,6mm) in my Nittaku Violoncello blade: i'm very satisfied by how he works.
Good control, right gears and good destructive effect. The non-tacky surface works very well against top spins, but it's necessary, after about 10 h of game to clean the rubber surface for restoring his peculiar quality: non-tacky.
This is a not easy rubber, need patience and hard training.
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My first slick anti after many years with long pips on my backhand. I needed hours of training to adjust my shots. Spin reversal is huge and dampening on hard shots is great. Good abilities to attack with disruptive effect. Control is good comparing with previous slick antis.
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