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3 Reviews for Der-Materialspezialist Spectre OX

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Hi all, I am amateur player that played one year with various LPs. I can give you my opinion on Spectre comparing to others, I played with this rubber 16 hours. First of all it is a very controllable LP, very good for beginner with LP. You can do all strokes with this LP, but I must say the best thing it does is close-to-table blocking. I played with 1.0mm sponge and the blocks are great. I was more interested into chopping LPs, so I changed it. For me the conclusion was that is a very controllable LP, is easy to play with, but also the opponents are not in trouble so much, is predictable. I think if you master LP blocks is great.
The sponge was bad when I unglue it second time, I don't suggest reglue. Just play with it, and change it when you are ready for more deceptive LP.
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Easy to block on table. Easy to chop. Easy to receive long serves and no spin.
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Very interesting rubber full of surprises. I can chop the ball all day and can move the ball all over the table. It can create some good disruption on the ball when playing close to the table which is perfect for my game. I can also chop it hard to create an opening to kill the ball with my forehand. Hard to. hit back when bounces low. Highly recommended for players who want to do damage quick in order to destroy the opponent faster.
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