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2 Reviews for Der-Materialspezialist Mega-Block

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Lenta, nada de roce, buena para cortar y para efectos. En velocidad le puse 4 ya que es lo minimo permitido, pero creo que tiene un 3. El overall es debido a que no es mi estilo de juego, pero para un jugador defensivo est bastante bien.
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Mega block is an entirely frictionless anti spin rubber. That means there is essentially no grip! It's almost like playing with a matte LCD screen or a rather hard disc.

Mega-block provides just about the ultimate level of legal reversal in the game of table tennis. I don't think any of the current allowable long pips can match mega block in that area. The downside is, of course, you have less variation in your game. Your returns are dictated by what your opponent gives you, basically. That's where the skill comes in...

Using Mega Block in the 2.0 super soft sponge... provides a MASSIVE dampening effect on the ball. They can be dropped short with ease. Hard loops are slowed down to a snail's pace with plenty of back spin in return! Terrific for blocking -- terrible at chopping! The lack of grip also makes attacking top spins very difficult, if not impossible in some scenarios. But you can smash the hell out of chops and pushes like no other! Serve returns are a cake walk.

Probably the best frictionless anti spin on the market today! MB differs from transformer in that the top sheet is much thinner. This removes some of the non-linear response transformer experienced when facing balls of different speeds. MB is able to keep slow balls slow and fast balls slow, whereas transformer had issues with fast balls rocketing out too quickly.
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