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4 Reviews for Der-Materialspezialist Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde

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It is declared by the manufacturer as Off on the forehand and Def on the backhand, and if I agree with the speed of the backhand, then the forehand, in my opinion, is clearly not higher than ALL, I would even say ALL-. The blade has good control on both sides, but even the fastest rubber will rot due to very slow wood.
At first glance, the grip is soft and pleasant, but literally a month later cracks formed on it, this happens to the tree due to moisture, the hand sweats and the soft tree literally bursts. (This is not a defect, this is such a blade, I had 2 such blades and this happened to both).
Also, it's a matter of taste, but I did not like that the blade is very thick, compared to everything that I played before, for this reason the fingers get tired quickly and it is not easy to twiddle.
And finally, because of the balsa, a strong vibration is felt in the hand even after not powerful balls.
Of the positive moments, I would note only the control on low-middle speeds and the blade is light.
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Good Blade to play close but slow., FH Speed 65 BH speed 5,5, FH soft, BH very soft.
Very Goog blade to block, but slow to attack.
Better BT T64 or T05 FH
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lightweight, with excellent control on the backhand, very suitable with soft long pips like Tibhar d Tecs
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Number of Layers:6
approximate weight (g):68
Blade Type:OFF
Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde is the new combination blade from der-materialspezialist. It enables offensive play on the forehand and passive/slow strokes on the backhand. Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde utilizes a revolutionary manufacturing technique which creates a perfect speed reduction. As one of the few manufacturers worldwide we renounce the use of balsa as core veneer. The perfect design, highest craftsmanship and its light weight make it to another top-product for the professional table tennis player.
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