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23 Reviews for DHS Hurricane 3 National

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I think to some degree there is a misconception about boosting with this rubber. Playing with this unboosted, the first 30min-1hr it felt like the slowest crap ever. 2 hours later it was pretty fast. The next time I played, 1 hour into that, it felt even faster. It takes some serious time to break in, unboosted, but once it does it can be quite fast, at least on an OFF++ blade. You wouldn't really want it to be faster if you hit hard already. The spin and control are both very solid as well. It's mostly a forehand rubber, but good on backhand, just that it's not the best thing to block or punch with, you will need to supply the power. It's nice for countering backspin though. All you could ask for except that it takes longer to break in than probably any other rubber, so it's not initially competition ready. But no boosting needed.
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This is not the same as what the national team uses. There is a general consensus in the table tennis community that national team rubbers are not commercially available and are basically unicorns. You can also cross-check the serial number on the DHS website.

That being said, I bought this rubber for fun to see if it is actually better than the other hurricane 3's. After adding 3 layers falco tempo long booster to this rubber and provincial version, I think this one is a bit faster... but this might be explained by inconsistent boosting process. It is still a good rubber - like other hurricane series if you have the right technique and fast stroke you can get a lot out of it. It is probably better to just buy provincial version though.
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Idk why people say its really tacky. The sheet I got (39 degrees) is not really tacky at all when I try to lift the ball up from table by pressing down it doesn't even lift the ball up. If anyone feels like its different pm me so I can check if mine is fake.
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Amazing rubber I've ever used, nightmare spin for opponents, good control, ideal for speed...rubber weight 67 grams, cut 50 grams
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Great for offensive play
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First of all it's a chinese rubber.
Tacky and medium hardness.
Perfect for game close to the table. It requires a great effort at medium range.
Because the medium-high Throw Angle you have to play always focused on your body position. It's a demanding rubber. Smashes and flat hits with this rubber are a bit frustrating. Because its tackiness during training sessions you have to clean it many times, it suffers dust and humidity.
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COOL RUBBER! Very fast and tacky, and the throw angle is very high! :D
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Light weight and durable
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After trying many tensors and spring sponges for my FH, I wanted to try a chinese tacky rubber for my FH. Prior to this I was playing Tenergy64 on my JM blade, but never liked the combination.

I saw the national version available on eacheng, and thought will give it a try and ordered one in 2.2mm, orange sponge, 40deg hardness. The rubber came in a simple plastic cover, but smelt great and I could see that the quality of the rubber was as good as any.

I have played with this rubber for a week now on my Timo Boll ALC blade. The rubber is a lovely combination of speed, spin and control. Top spins and loop drives are fast and spinny and charges forward and kicks off the table which is difficult for opponents to block. Looping underspin is easy even if you play european style and you get this beautiful click sound when playing. The throw angle is medium. Am not sure about the durability as yet.

This is my first chinese rubber for my FH and am in love with it. I would probably order one again though it's expensive since i paid $80. I have seen some other sites offering at $60 or so...
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Play H3 NAT 1 month on rosewood nct 5 forehand side. I do not use booster. I think it's a good traditional Chinese rubber. Tacky, heavy and hard. It has many more features in the game than the provincial or commercial. But you have to work hard enough to use all of these features. The main thing in this rubber i think is fast loop with a low arc. The enemy has to go down low for the counter-attack and keeps it close to the table. Not everyone can adapt. But you have to play very low and close to the table. Overpriced. T05 easier to play, and costs about the same.
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Good Rubber, very tacky very powerful. The more you put into the ball the more you get out of it, but its not as good for softer loops. Def not backhand rubber, very suitable for forehand.
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good quality rubber with very very high spin generating rubber with power built into the rubber. highly recommended. rubber is high quality and is authentic DHS product.

best price fast shipping,
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This rubber has so many levels. With tensor rubbers my short game was lacking but I could hit with power. With this rubber the effort I put in is what I get, which is what I like. My short game control has improved leaps and bounds. I can hit powerful loops or control shots. The loops are very low over the net and don't bounce high. Awesome rubber.
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This review is of unboosted H3 National. (I'm sure with boost or glue this rubber would be god like)

Very demanding, easy to get injured because of this. Very high quality, beautiful, and consistent sponge and top sheet. Too much dwell and tack. Great rubber to learn technique with.
The extreme demands of the rubber, is my main issue. Technique has to be perfect, and you have to work HARD!
If you're not going to boost, you should get the 40 degree sponge. It's faster, less dwell, less demanding, compared with the 39 degree sponge, which has too much dwell. I highly recommend TG3 Neo commercial over H3 National. TG3 Neo commercial is easier to use and plays overall as well as H3 National. (even though it's 3X cheaper!)
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Im my club we have a chinese trainor he's name was Li Qi (not sure) they say he's an x pro maybe only here in spain or somewhere in europe i guess but his moves is tottaly chinese looper and nothing at all european stlye and it's quite sure he trained in china.
Well anyway... I am using h3 neo provincial that can buy anywhere. I tought it was good and the sane us pro chinese. Then i got bored and see him sitting i went to him and ask to have a hit on his raket. It was joyner btf, h3 (cant remember if its neo or not) and yasaka pride. The bat doesnt weight anything compaired to mine. When i touch the hardness of h3 its a lot softer than my trash h3 hehe and you can feel and see the pimps on it when you touch, i think its 38deg. It is bouncy when you play the ball on the raket, its not tacky at all maybe little i think. I loop arms wide open too and also i'm asian. God it's amazing it's fast, spiny and sooooooooo easy to lift the ball. I try to brush very slowly then i mile coz the ball does'nt fell down it's so smoothhhh. I wish i can tell u the felling. It's like playing with tenergy 05 but much much better than that. I SAID TO MY SELF...... "NO DOUBT THIS IS GENUINE, THIS IS THE REAL NATIONAL EQUIPMENT" when i look at the rubber again... It's not the same way it printed, look at site and click "FOR DISPLAY" it say's "Ma Long personal rubber" and it cost $9999. Well what im saying is it's the same way it prints. He told me he change rubber every 2 to 3 months. If i have a chance again i will talk to him and ask him if he still have those used or sell me new one.

It's been pleassure to swing even a little time with that pure beauty of rubber i will treassure it. Even i have this junk h3 selling in all market i will nevva let go of this coz she corrected me she does'nt tollerate me (bad moves aint work)
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Very sticky but no bouncy. Need boosted. Too pricy. DHS or megaspin need to drops the price. You have to play Chinese style like me or do not buy this babe, otherwise just waste your money. Get this rubber from or you will get a fake one somewhere else. I love this rubber for my FH loop loop loop one more time babe...
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its just good
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Very good rubber for the higher levels. This is one of the most controllable rubbers at the high speeds.

For lower level players, try using the Provincial rubbers. Buying national rubber at a lower level is a waste of money, since you won;t use all the gears that the rubber has to offer. I would say people who use this should be 2400+ in USATT rating.
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Amazing rubber, its a completely different rubber.
->Commercial version is as dead as hell
->Provincial version is where it actually starts playing as it says on the package.
->National is where it is perfection, it plays like a beast, u can rip out topspin that are just beautiful. control is great u can block, push and touch shots.

Orange sponge gives a really good feel.
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Top of the line Neo Hurricane 3 rubber. Comes untuned so you should use 4-10 layers of non voc haifu tuner to get more speed out of this. Or any means of tuning.
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Verrry god rubber!!!!
One of the best ones, especially, if you you play kind of Chinese game style.
I've bought few of these at prott- it's fake or damaged, (I am not sure one or the other, but it plays different than the original one.) but I had some luck to buy one directly from DHS-absolutely different rubber!! MUCH faster, spinier, more consistent!!
At the prott they don't even come in a vacuum package lol. I am not sure how they fake the genuine number, but they do. Don't get me wrong, it isn't the worst rubber out there, just not even close to the one from DHS.
I have increased my rating 200 points roughly, just on the DHS genuine rubber replacement.
Good luck!
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Amazing, no wonder Ma Long uses it.
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First of all, all DHS "national" rubbers in the market ain't tHe real thing, they are just copies or imitations of the nationals pros use, because, nationals are exclusive for CHN national players ONLY. They are VERY LIMITED. You can never buy those, don't be HYPED by others who say what's you gonna get is Genuine unless you get it personally from Ma Long, WLQ, etc.

So the issue of what you might buy being fake or genuine is out of the question.

Anyway, all fakes are designed or made after the real ones, so chances are, its properties were copied from no other than the real thing. Which make this indeed still a great rubber.. take it as consolacion.

Anyway, don't get others wrong, this "neo" is nowhere better than h3 blue sponge nat. I used this before and it's good, no doubt, but still, a glued h3 blue sponge is way better than this.
Neo h3 nat blue sponge = h3 with 15 layers of speed glue. Speed glue ban is quite not prohibited here in our country, so.. :D
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