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4 Reviews for Cornilleau Competition 540 ITTF Indoor

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In France, where i play, a lot of clubs have Cornilleau's tables, it's very simple the higher the number is the better is the quality ! "540" is for beginners, the bounce is low, or very low, and i personnally hate it !! (i'm so pissed off when i have to play on those table in a tournament) "640" is better and let's say ok to play on, "740" is quite good but i think the net system on all those tables are not the best on the market, in my club we have Donic tables and they are much better in every aspect, the surface of the table, the net quality etc etc
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540 has convenient folding mechanism.
Bounce is average and loss of spin is noticeable.
The surface of this table suffers from heavily spinned balls from my robot.

Edit: Cornilleau's response: The Competition 540 is an ITTF approved indoor table. This table model has a 7/8 inch top with a SKILTOP finish. Cornilleau does manufacture a table with a 1 inch ITTF surface. As this customer likely knows the thicker the top the better the bounce. The indoor surface will scratch and chip but that is the nature of a wood surface.
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mesa asequible con unas condiciones de juego equiparables a una mesa pro.
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Pros: the best folding mechanism I have ever seen. Multiple securities, consistency over time, only one person required. Easily adjustable posts. 10 years spare parts guarantee.
Cons: the net locking system with a chain of beads is strange (unless we're missing a part). The wheels are difficult to turn around and prone to breaking (I would recommend the uprated 640 for its perfect wheels).
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