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17 Reviews for Butterfly Tackiness Chop II

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I think tackiness chop 2 is better than tackiness chop. Tackiness chop 2 is better to make a sharp chop and also to make a spiny serve. Chopping far from table and counterattacking heavy spin are also very suitable with this rubber. Very recommended rubber for modern defender.
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As an allround player, i put 1.9 on for FH, after an Off rubber on my FH it seems quite slow but effective i have more control and my FH chops are effective as my BH. Only negative point is i have to swing my arm wide; when i want to produce fast/medium-fast counter spin.
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This rubber is a lot similiar to tackiness chop except its a little quicker and it can produce alot more underspin if combined with a defensive blade
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very nice rubber for choppers.
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A very good defensive rubber. Pushes and chops are really heavy. Looping is also good but quite slow, especially compared to modern tensor-like rubbers. I'd say this rubber is too slow for modern defense but excellent for classical defense.
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I love this rubber!
Here is some thoughts that come to mind:
-heavy spin
- high control
-the best rubber for chop
-joy to play with
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I've been using TACKINNES CHOP II for a period of 4 years now, and I absolutely amazed with the performance of it!!!
This rubber produces tons of spin.
Good for bouth ALL and DEF style.
Did I mentioned, Thackinnes Cop II is the BEST RUBBER for chopping, even better than Tackinnes Chop I in my opinion.(generates more spin, and has less throw angle than Tackinnes Chop I)
Combine this rubber with DEF+,ALL blade(balsa) and you will be amazed how dangerous it can be.
Preaty durable.
One sheet of this rubber ussualy last me about 20 months with exelent spin production(8 hours per week of practice= 160 hours in total!!! it is a lot!!! comparing to 70-80 hors of most famous rubbers on the market today.After that time , a rubber sarting to losse its performance)
The only one sad news about Tackinnes Cop II is that almost imposible to buy it online. Most of the stores do not have it available in the1.5mm nor 1.7mm, what is exactly right tickness for deadly chops and highestl control posiable, without sacrificing your offensive abilities.
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Tackiness wear off very fast. Rubber not durable.
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I have used this rubber with 1.5 and 1.7 mm thickness. Rubber is well controlled and it doesn't let you to make unforced errors on the short game or when you are chopping from away the table. Very well defensive rubber. However this rubber can't attack at all. It has okay counter looping, very well backspin but inadequate spin for looping. I recommend this rubber for defensive players only.
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I have tried many defensive, inverted rubbers on the market, and Tackiness Chop II was one of the best rubber I came across to.
Tackiness Chop II is a great rubber for control players ALL and DEF.
The rubber is highly spiny and has an excellent control during any shot you play(loop, drive,smash, block, chop)
I used Tackiness Chop II on my FH in 1.5mm to chop and occasionally loop and smash the ball.
All in all, the best defensive rubber I have tried so far. i highly recommend this rubber to a classical and modern defenders, or to all-round player who seek great control and tons of spin.
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Very easy to make a flatter but spinnier chop compared to tack chop 1 which the ball shall fly upward and dip to the table, either with 1.1 or even 1.9 mm sponge.

More control than the original, but may be because i tried it on Butterfly Defense Alpha, a very soft blade.
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la btfy ottima gomma per gioco allround defensiva su telaio medio morbido con ottime prestazioni.
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I started useing this rubber on my bh when it came on the market about 18 months ago, i was useing tibhar legend but was finding the 1.7 hard sponge a little too quick after changing to a faster blade, tacki chop 2 1.3 solved the problem instantly. great control, plenty of spin (even on joola kool frame), and good for fast blocking and flat hitting, although it may not have a lot of pace on a slower blade! the only down side is that the surface seems to deteriorate quite fast and is no where near as tacki as legend.
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I am just a recreational player, so I think am not legitimate enough to rate a rubber, but i love this rubber and have been using it for 2 years, so i like to submit a review.

I use it on Butterfly Defence Alpha, using 1.1 mm version, and comparing it to Tackiness Chop 1.7 mm on the same blade (I can't compare it with the rubber I haven't used, off course)
- Equal flat speed, but more difficult to loop with.
- Very much spinnier, even the ball goes straight at 50 deg closed face at self spin juggling test.
- less controllable, harder to loop and chop with.
- Higher throw angle at loop
- Harder sponge,
- less durable, but still a lot more durable than 729 ( just a tiny speck from a BANG at the table)
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Quite a slow rubber but excellent control and reasonably good spin, specially on chop! Looping shots are extremely hard to pull off, specially when returning against reverse spin!!
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harder sponge than tackiness chop
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Maybe the best overall inverted for choppers, that want to attack over the table. Fantastic blocking ability and very consistent chopping even when the defender's position is not the best possible. It is medium tacky but can produce incredible amount of back spin when chopping or pushing hard.
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