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23 Reviews for Butterfly Mizutani Jun Super ZLC

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  • The JM SZLC table tennis blade is praised for its exceptional speed, high spin, and high throw, while still maintaining good control. It's described as an advanced blade that requires proper skills and techniques to handle, but once mastered, it can perform a wide range of tricks including short, long, loops, flicks, smashes, punches, pushes, and touches.
  • The blade is also noted for its excellent craftsmanship and stylish design. It has a soft kick to the ball, a nice feel, and a linear response. It's described as an OFF type blade with an ALL+/OFF- touch, working well with Tenergy rubbers. The blade is also praised for its large sweet spot and accurate placement of loops and counter drives.
  • The Mizutani Super ZLC blade is lauded for its great combination of control and loop. It's described as having a larger sweet spot than the regular version ZLC such as Innerforce ZLC. It's also praised for its great trajectory, amazing dwell time and spin, and huge sweet spot. Despite its speed, users find it to have great control.


  • Some users find the blade to be quite heavy, which can be tiring during play. One reviewer mentioned feeling more comfortable with a lighter, cheaper blade.
  • While the blade is praised for its speed, this can also be a drawback for some players. The high speed requires very good technique to master, particularly in spin spin situations or short play. It's suggested that slower rubbers might be a better match for this blade.
  • Some users find the blade to have low control, a bad short game, and it does not forgive the slightest mistakes. One user described it as a waste of money due to these issues.

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I own both the ZJK SZLC and JM SZLC and I can tell you that they are both exceptional blades. The JM SZLC is a bit slower and has longer dwell time so if you want to get creative I recommend it over the ZJK SZLC. On the other hand ZJK SZLC is less sensitive so you can be faster and still retain the same great control as the JM SZLC.If price is not an issue either one of these can be your best option.
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*Updated*: Bought this blade along with ZJK SZLC in 2017. This is an advance blade with extra high speed, high spin and high throw yet with good feel/dwell & control. Compares to ZJKSZLC, the JMSZLC is faster, same spin, higher throw, similar control. Asked for a lighter blade which weighs 88.2g measured @5.7mm. I own several OFF+ blades including Timo Boll T5000, Primorac Carbon, Dynamix17 & Strato & this one is my fastest & perhaps the spinniest also the most high throw OFF+ blade. As a result, JMSZLC is not for the beginners as it's not a forgiving blade; one must pair up with proper rubbers and have good skills/techniques to be able to handle this beast. But once you master it, you will feel like Fan Zhengdong! After trying different rubbers, I now have Razka 7 on both sides; max on the FH. It's super fast, super spinny but very precise. I used to hate the high throw/arc blades because they were too slow and too high for the opponent to attack, but not with this blade. Many fast blades are low throw and cannot hit hard when the incoming ball is low, but the JMSZLC is high throw also fast & spinny, you can still loop very fast shots and the ball will land on the opposite table. Your opponent is forced to step back when you topspin the ball, then when they lob back you can go in for the kill. With the right technique, his blade can do all the tricks: short, long, loops, flicks, smashes, punch, push, touch etc... I tried many blades and so far this one is my favorite. The JMSZLC is truly an ultra fast & spinny looping monster!!!

Speed=9.8; Control=9.3; Spin=9.5(spinny on harder rubbers but vice versa); Feel=good, Flick=easy; Flex=med+ firm; Hardness= med+; Smash/Flat Hit/Punch/Drive=Excellent without too much vibration; Short/mid/Long Game=Very good; Push/chop=good; Balance=good; AN grip=nice shape but smaller; perfect with grip tape; Dwell=good; Throw=high; Serve=exc; Sweetspot=huge; Overall=9.8
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Just bought my Mizutani Super ZLC here in China and first impression lasts. Upgraded from Yasaka Extra Offensive Power 7 blade to this new blade and boy am I impressed! I was looking for that extra kick from my Yasaka despite having a Donic M1(FH) and Donic M1 Turbo(BH) and was paying attention to the reviews of this blade, and indeed I got what I wanted. I use T05(FH) and Rozena(BH) for my Mizutani Super ZLC and both rubbers just deliver the ball where and how I want it to be. This blade fits my kind of play as I do a lot of looping and counter-looping near or far from the table. I always do heavy side/under spins on my serve and this blade perfectly executes what I want. Control, Spin and speed at its finest!
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This is the fastest blade I've used for an extended period of time. I'm using Adidas 10-Zone Ultra & P7 (bought a bunch of sheets). The blade has a HUGE sweet spot, and is well made. I love serving with it, because the extra speed allows me to just graze the ball, and put lots of spin on the ball. The blade allows very accurate placement of my loops & counter drives (side to side). The extra speed gives me less depth margin for error than with my DHS HH3. The power helps much when playing off the table. I found myself frequently flipping the blade and using the slower P7 on my forehand, which improved consistency. At my present skill level (rusty former 1840 player), I'm probably better off with the slower HH3.
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Hi all!

Yesterday I had an opportunity to try, this awsome blade:
Jun Mizutani Super ZLC Anatomic, FH: T05, BH: T80

The blade is a good example of fine craftmanship, well for that price it better be. Nice finish on the blade, the composite material has a really nice texture, colours and the pattern are stilysh. The blade is a bit small, just like the chinese player themed Butterfly blades (LSW, ZJK). The handle is short and thin, but it is comfortable.

Since the other two reviews are accurate and detailed, I will share some additional info. The blade has a very nice feel and a sort of linear soft kick to the ball. Nowdays the TB ALC, TB Spirit and other ALC blades are very popular, but ALC dampens or numbs resonance of the blade much. Zylon is a type of kevlar derivative so is arylate too. Carbon has a qute rigid feel and a harsh resonance when applied to a blade, but it is a undenyable what benefits it has. But this setup Super ZLC is actually perfect, it has the same feeling as a kevlar-karbon composite blade, but way more softer feel. This can be also descibed similar to the Liu Shiwen and IF ZLC but with a bit more stiffer feel and tempo. Overall the blade is a OFF type blade with a nice ALL+/OFF- touch. The setup works really well with the Tenergy rubbers (as intended from the manufacturer) way better, than any other setups I tried so far.
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Best blade ever. It's pricey but worth it. Great combination between control and loop. Zhang Jike SZLC is faster but the Mizutani provides better control. SZLC material enlarge the sweet spot over the regular version zlc such as innerforce ZLC. If money is not the problem, go get one of Mizutani.
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Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite)
- 2 * Limba 0.6mm
- 2 * SZLC 0.25mm
- 2 * Limba 0.6mm
- Kiri 2.9mm
Width: 157mm
Height: 150mm
Thickness: 5.8mm
Weight: 90g
Speed: 9.3
Dwell/Spin: 8.6
Control: 8.4
Stiffness: 8.1
Hardness: 5.2
Value: 7
Overall: 9.4
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MJ Super ZLC is very good tuned Michael Maze blade. It is a little bit faster than MM, but control is just awsome. New blade is nothing like previous Jun Mizutani zlc.
MJ Super ZLC T64+T05:
* Excelent speed+control in rallies
* Accurate short game on table
* Amazing active backhand block with tenergy 64
* Very powerful forehand topspin with tenergy 05
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I received my Mizutani Jun super ZLC in mid July and played it til now. I used T80 and T05 on the forehand in the last 2 month to fine tune the forehand. And defensive pips for chopping on the back hand. It can be said to be a much harder blade than the normal Mizutani ZLC and also much faster! (Which I've used for 6 months last year, I still use it interchangeably now with the super ZLC) . It is faster though less control and has a lower arc. Better for close table flat offense and far table denfence with counter attack. Lacks ability to make good counter attack in medium table due to the low arc, some times the ball just dies into the net in mid table loop to loop. Very easily played in close table as it resists hard spin loops easily and can occasionally smash soft spin loops. These issues can be solved by using hurricane or T05 on the forehand , but then the close table ability drops.
So for me i think with 80, it is good for close and far table and with 05 it is good for mid and close table. With the blade already possessing the power for far table play, I think with the use of T05 along with correct strokes, the blade can be used as an allround weapon like the Nittaku Acoustic carbon . I finally concluded this blade requires alot of skill to play as it has less control than the original Jun Mizutani but it possesses more power and usability in top spin rallies far from the table when the blade is wielded by a capable player. Definitely not a beginner's blade choice due to the speed and the slight lower control. 10/10 for advanced players but maybe a solid 7-8/10 for beginners or developing players.
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I used this blade with different rubbers such as Calibra LT, AIROC and lately Tenergy 05fx on both sides. Although I like the grip alot but the racket is heavy and I feel so tied up playing with it. I got back to my Timo Boll ZLC racket and it feels alot lighter, I do everything with it, nothing I can't do although it's a lot cheaper than this one.
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One of the best I've played so far and a really successful update to JM ZLC. I have a better feeling in the short game than with the JM ZLC and felt a little more top speed with fast topspin, blocks and shots. Short services are no problem. I've read it's more spin than with the JM ZLC, well I was receiving no difference, works excellently with both. I play the JM SZLC with Tenergy 05 FX max and on the backhand T 80 FX 1.9, which is relatively insensitive to spin my feeling and perfectly suitable for blocking. The feeling is medium-hard and all in all the wood with the base composite plays very controlled. Please do not misunderstand, of course, in relation to the specified speed off +. There are certainly more controlled woods, but these are not so fast and there are equally fast woods and some faster, but they are not so controlled. A little pricey, but who has the money left or still needs a birthday present will not regret the purchase!
. Summarized as a JM ZLC only with more power and especially more sense. Except for the price to 100% successful, a great wood!
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One of the best blades ever!! Spin-ridiculous!! Speed-crazy, but VERY controllable. Control-10 out of 10. Requires some time to get used to.
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Blade is fast. You need to be in good position and coorectly stoke the ball or the ball will most likely not hit the table. 2000 rating and above. I am not quite there yet. Dwellier than the Zhang Jike Super ZlC which seems a bit harder.
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Very nice blade from butterfly although overpriced, Great craftsmanship and quality (edges did not needed any sanding) and comes to a premium box. Tested with 05 forehand and 80 / 05fx backhand. For me this blade has it all great trajectory amazing dwell time and spin , great feeling no vibrations and huge sweet spot. But for my likes its way too fast although i changed from t80 to 05fx and even 1.9 at some point , u still need very good technique to master its power on spin spin situations or short play. Would suggest slow rubbers , having said that ,still this blade has great control for such speed.
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Switched from Viscaria to Mizutani Super ZLC and while there are some differences, i had to do minimal adjustments. It does have surprisingly good dwell time. Slapped a T19 on FH and D05 on BH and it's a dream. Granted, it's expensive as hell, but plan to use this blade for years to come
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It took me awhile to get used to this blade but now I have fallen in love with it.

The blade is fast when compared to the likes of Timo Boll ALC and Viscaria but slower compared to other ZLC blades with hard outer plies. Right now I am using it with Butterfly Dignics 09c for the forehand and Tibhjar Quantum X Pro on the backhand and this has been my most successful set up so far. I highly suggest spending time with this blade before deciding whether it is for you or not.

In terms of the price, it is a bit expensive so I may suggest going with a Viscaria or Super Viscaria which is friendlier on the budget and a bit easier to adapt to and pair rubbers with.

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Good with all attacking rubbers, good balance, big sweet spot
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the same POWER to zhan jike super zlc, high caliber and quality, but they are very expensive type! ...
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3 years of used, Super sonic Fast, you have to adjust to control the ball, your game has to go back 1 meter, Blocking the ball has to be really learned and become a boomerang for your opponents, Spin which is assisted with the speed of your weapon which makes your opponent's nightmare moreover with a smash like Lightning, I use Butterfly T5 Hard rubber for FH & Andro Hexer Powergrip for BH. if you play with a fast weapon you don't need to use a lot of energy. Not for beginners, for really long adaptations but after you master them Opponents are easily defeated.
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Plies: limba 0.6mm - szlc 0.25mm - limba 0.6mm - kiri 2.9mm.
Dimensions: 157x150x5.8mm.
Weight: 86-93g.
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low control, ,high speed, a bad short game, does not forgive the slightest mistakes,money wasted.
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I have upgraded from normal Mizutani Jun to this Mizutani Jun Super ZLC recently and noticed a few things about the MJ Super ZLC, not sure if its the rubber or the blade as I have upgraded (not sure if its the right word, lets say I changed) rubber from MX-S and Rasanter V47 to Tenergy 80 and Bryce High Speed. The handle (FL) of the blade on the normal MJ seems to fit the human hand a lot better while the MJ SZLC seems to make your hand switch (gripping) position quite a lot from backhand to forehand and vice versa - it feels like there is something in the way and will need some sanding? Therefore I tried to play the bat on the supposed wrong side, seemed a little bit better and felt more a lot more at ease for my hand, however the hit point and the weight distribution changed due to that and where you should hit on the bat changed too .... It didnt quite work out at the end, I believe I just have to live with the fact that it feels relatively uncomfortable doing FH on this bat and there is something poking your hand. The other thing compare to the old Jun it has a lot less control, you can never put the ball where you want and the one reason that explains this is that this is so fast, its ridiculous how fast it is (again, not sure if its the blade or the rubbers). If I ever managed to get an attacking shot not hit the net or fly out, it sneaks through opponent like lighting, the ball is gone before they even reacted (I am not a heavy hitter, I just do the action right and let the ball flies at natural generated speed). If I actually hit hard, you actually think the ball time traveled. Its a good blade after all, but just not sure if it is because MJ is left handed and thats why the whole thing feels weird?
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9.3/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Galaxy Moon, 2.2mm, 46g (0.227g/cm^2), 37 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Butterfly Jun Mizutani Super ZLC, 90g, 157mm x 150mm x 5.8mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Limba - SZLC - Limba - Kiri - Limba - SZLC - Limba.
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