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Reviews for Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC - Chinese Penhold (4)

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Nice blade and I've used many Inner-fiber SZLC blades and the one I prefer is the Donic Waldner World Champion '89 SZLC blade because it offers the same results as the Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC and the blocking & control of the Waldner blade is a tiny bit better (IMO). The craftsmanship and looks of both blades are Top-Notch. The Harimoto blade has a Limba & Ayous make-up while the Waldner blade has a Spruce & Kiri make-up with Zylon Carbon-fleece. I prefer the Spruce ZLC touch & feel a little better because it seems to be a tad softer but not by much. Both blades are quality blades and offers quality table tennis play. The pricing of the Waldner blade seems to be more inviting but if you enjoy playing table tennis the price isn't what matters. Both blades are of excellent quality.
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First I will be honest here...I haven't tried this blade. So I gave no ratings to it. Although I did some research into this composite materials that are used to justify a senseless price for a blade. First you should known that none of this fibers are originally designed for table tennis. Their applications include bullet proof vests and thermal insulators given their high decomposition temperature. Zylon particularly is thermically stable until nearly 650C. Second: we get all discussion about wich fiber is the best ALC, Aramid, Kevlar etc...Here is where it gets even better. Doing my research I found out that Aramid is a general name for a class of fibers in Wich Kevlar itself is included. Then I went for ALC wich would be Arylate Carbon. What I found out is that the name Arylate comes from the chemical group " Aryl" wich is present in all Aramid fibers... so Arylate Carbon is a even more general name and precisely speaking Aramid is also an Arylate Carbon. Actually even Zylon is an Arylate type of polymer. So what are the conclusions? First: These fibers where not (buy any extent of imagination) developed for table tennis. Anyway....brands makes use of them and makes everyone believe that they were specially thought for table tennis. Second: given the lack of knowledge about these fibers they are used to justify high prices. Third: The names they give is a part of their marketing. Also from butterfly description of the "Super" ZLC technology they are a blend of ZLC fibers and carbon (not Zylon type - wich are actually less expensive) that is heated in an oven. This heating process is a common procedure even in textile manufacturers and the mainly function is to diminish tension strength wich prevents the fibers yarns to curl in any mechanical process during the manufacturing. So you pay an extra 2 hundred for this. Finally but not less interesting, with 400 dollars you can get online about 70 square meters of Zylon fiber...Excludes shipping
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Following are my feedback as compared with JZK SZLC. I have a relatively different style but here goes. I have both setups with MXP50. Harimoto SZLC is softer and holds the ball more. It is a little slower and loops are more spinny. On the other hand, it also is affected more by incoming spin. Control is good. JZK has more power and speed. Punch blocks are better with JZK rather than the Harimoto. Long pips on both are similar but on the Harimoto takes more spin while the Long pips on JZK is relatively insensitive to incoming spin.
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I own all good from many brand blade and still use it .
AS new INNERforce super ZLC I must buy to do the reviews by myself.
Butterfly is correct about the blade speed is more speed than Viscaria.
It is more direct feeling as ZLC usually taste,I still have many ZLC blade Jun M, innerforce zlc,Donic Person and walner 89 Tiago Apolonia etc.
the head size is good 158 mm so you can fell the blade is more length than usual 157 mm blade.
Mine is ST 86 grams .
This blade is very choosy for rubber, if you use 2 sheets dignic as butterfly marketing , this blade will loose the dwell of zlc.
Choose the rubber is very personal and depend of your play style.
It cost 2 times of Viscaria/ innerforce so it will not much player will use it.
Personally it is more easy to play with Viscaria or Apolonia than this blade because you need to buy slower rubber to got the same control amount.
I hope this review help, excuse for my english.
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