Yasaka Max Carbon 3D

by Yasaka
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Rated 4.8/5

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Nowadays many players are looking for a faster blade, especially to be prepared for the new glue regulation.

With the MAX CARBON 3D blade Yasaka offers a really powerful weapon for fast attacks. Yasaka's invention, the 3D construction, gives flexibility to the rigid plywood.

Speed: 100
Control: 69
Weight: 90 g
Ply: 7

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Reviews of Yasaka Max Carbon 3D (8)

 External Review for Yasaka Max Carbon 3D on February 3, 2019
What I like with this blade is the consistency in blocking( passive or active blocking. You can loop, flat kills and spin the ball so strong. Kinda heavy but very easy to use. I tried several blades like TB alc, Viscaria, ZJ szlc, andro treiber z, Xiom Vega Tour,etc but still keep coming back to my yasaka max 3d. You can do all kinds of shots. Just try guys. If your rating is 1400 up you can control this beast.
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 External Review for Yasaka Max Carbon 3D on September 29, 2017
This blade plays great with hard sponge rubbers dont use the soft sponge rubbers.This blade is excellent in blocking with average throw angle so all ur blocks cross the net and fall in opponents half consistently.During a game over a point i was able to block 10 smashes in a row after i won the point my opponent came to look at my blade and was shocked as my returns were precise on the table at appropriate spots making life hell for the opponent.There is a japanese article on blades with sponge combinations and they are correct,this blade works great with DHS 3 neo and DHS skyline or any other tacky chinese rubber with hard sponge.Blade is heavy around 94 gms so if use the above rubbers use 2.1 ur weight comes close to 190 gms moderately heavy but u will like the control its perfect close to net.Dwell time is 2-3/10 and with chinese rubbers as above it increases to 4/10.So u need to have great technique with this rubber.If u can loop with this blade u can loop with any
other blade.This blade has improved by looping skills and topspin skills as i had to make a lot of effort to play those shots.Best combo is to find a hard sponge tacky chinese or japanese rubber with low weight ,high throw angle (729 battle 2/sanwei I light /729 yudo )and boost it with revolution booster which adds minimal weight to rubber (1 to 2 gm) and use it.Please use this with the above rubbers or u willnot like this blade.This blade is not for starters or intermediates,only for amateurs and
seasoned player with USAtt rankings more than 1400 .Anybody below this rank dont buy and waste ur money as u will not like it.What i liked about this blade is the control and blocking its amazing and u will love the despair look on ur opponents face.
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 External Review for Yasaka Max Carbon 3D on July 10, 2017
State of the art product at a very affordable price. This blade has a very large sweet spot, perfect for looping and counter attacks, great for blocking too. I have used the Dynamix 17, they are of the same caliber but Max Carbon 3D is slightly better in my opinion. I have fast rubbers on both sides. the Rakza 9 on FH and Valmo on the BH and it is a killer of a racket overall. The speed is unreal, the control is reasonable and spin is above average, a bit on the heavy side but an awesome blade overall. Highly recommended for offensive/attack playing style.
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 External Review for Yasaka Max Carbon 3D on May 9, 2017
Fantastic Blade! The perfect combination is this Blade with a soft Rubber (with high throw angle)! Very fast, good control and well done..
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 External Review for Yasaka Max Carbon 3D on May 7, 2017
My first carbon blade that was setup with Rakza 9 FH & Mark V BH. It was really, really fast! Had challenges controlling it as I wasn't used to it at the beginning. I'm an EJ, cycled through many blades thereafter Butterfly Amultart, Garaydia T5000, Marcos Freitas, Stiga Infinity V Diamond Touch, Sense 7.6, Arctic Wood, Andro Treiber Z, Ligna Off+ & Dynamix 17 to name a few but in the end I would still pickup my Max 3D without a second thought. Switched both FH BH rubbers to DHS 3 Neo 2.0. I've never felt better. I get the ball where I want on the table every single time and 9 of 10 lands exactly spot on. Great for blocks, flicks. I love attack game and its great! Though chinese rubbers need more strength but its putting my game in shape. I can say that I have full control of this blade now after a year's use. I can generate crazy spin and send the balls like a fiery bullet where my club mates have difficulties in returning. So, adequately priced compared to all my other blades, You can't go wrong with this blade. Touch feel is good due to the 3D pleats, no nasty vibrations. My other fav blade is the Amultart.
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 External Review for Yasaka Max Carbon 3D on December 4, 2011
This blade feels like a rock or rocket. I'm using 2.0mm Rakza7 both sides. After getting used to it, I was able to get better control. No flex on this blade & no dwell time either. But I have the skill to still spin the ball. Weight came in at 102g, approx 12g over the stated average. Therefore, smashes are very fast. In the near future, I will try a softer sponge.
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 External Review for Yasaka Max Carbon 3D on August 22, 2011
hitters only
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 External Review for Yasaka Max Carbon 3D on January 18, 2010
Very hard and very control in smash, but i had difficult to give topspin due to is very stiff.
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