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Victas VO>102

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The VO > 102 with slightly larger pimple than its sister rubber is a very fast and high spin short pips. VO > 102 is built with High Energy Tension Technology. Combining Japanese Pips know-how with German expertize as led to VO > 102. This is a high-tech rubber designed for the pips out attacker. The new rubber sheet with optimized pips geometry produces a great pips-out effect, speed and spin on the ball will put your opponent under pressure. The elastic sponge combined with our High Energy Tension Technology opens up new dimensions of speed development in the pips-out player.

Speed: 85
Control: 78
Hardness: 44.5 degrees

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Reviews of Victas VO>102 (6)

Fast and controllable pips, relatively high spin response and good for service. Feels like inverted but is very noticeably faster, best for attacking close to table but useable for playing further out and flipping dead/backspin shots.
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Very good rubber if you play close to the table. If you want to play at different distance the Impartial XS is better for me, because it loops VERY WELL.
The Victas 102 sounds like speed glue and you will enjoy it a lot. If you block and drive or Loop drive close to the table you will win a lot of points. Very spinny serves too!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I use this rubber on a stiff 3-ply hinoki J-pen. It is definitely on the "spinny" side of the SP spectrum. As advertised, it has good offensive capabilities. Attacking weak returns is very easy and counter-hitting against loops and drives is also a strong suit of this rubber. As with any high-tension pips, the danger is in making controlled shots over the table. This problem is compounded by the very grippy topsheet, which responds almost like an inverted rubber to incoming spin from serves and hard pushes. If you can learn to flick and push consistently, this rubber is a great weapon! Otherwise, you will make a lot of unforced errors, especially on passive shots. IMO, this is a good rubber to use if you're switching to pips from inverted and want to adapt your strokes gradually. If you're looking for that classic, disruptive, sinking effect on blocks and flat hits though, there are better rubbers for that.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This is the first short pip I use (1.8mm sponge) and not hard to get used to it when switching from using pips in rubber. Quite spinny, able to serve mid spinned ball. Strong catapult effect due to the high built in tension, but does not feel lose of control. Ball sinks quickly and bounce low and skid fast on opponent's side table when flat hit on forehand or block incoming loop on back hand at close range. The built in tension also makes chopping at mid-long distance easy. Highly recommended.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This is my forehand rubber. i try 804-20, a bit slow and less grippy compare to vo102. Ziom Zava too soft pimple top sheet. The performance similar to normal pip in rubber term on what u can do. And u can also play your SP shot as well. The serve very good. the blocking great. This is a great grippy (Cooked) SP for your forehand. Good Speed. Good Spin. Good Control even on max sponge. Top sheet feel like TSP Spinpips. For backhand i ill go for more raw SP.
i did try DHS. Moristo SP, Thibar Speedy, Yasaka Original, TSP Spectol, TSP Super Spinpips and lot more.
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