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Sauer & Troeger Hellfire X

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The Sauer & Troger Hellfire X is a newly developed long pimple, utilizing the highly successful attributes of Hellfire. Designed for the new plastic ball, Hellfire X is the ideal long pimple for close to the table, speed dampening, disrupting play. This long pimple offers the perfect balance of speed, control, disruption, and; spin production.

The goal was to create the world's best long pimple! After three years of testing under the direction world-renowned pimple master, Sebastian Sauer, Hellfire X has been born. The result is a rubber that long pimple players want.

Hellfire X offers slightly more speed than Hellfire, but with even greater disruption possibilities. When defending away from the table tennis table, your shots will be spin loaded, and your chops will create havoc with your opponents.

The pimples of Hellfire X have a high aspect ratio and are spaced far apart. This guarantees the greatest possible space for the pimple heads to buckle. The pimples necks are smooth, the heads slightly roughened. Defensive balls behind the table also produce a lot of spin, so that the opponent is forced to push at the 2nd or 3rd ball. When the ball arrives, the pimples give way and slow down the ball. The ball gets caught in the pimples surface and is forwarded with a good portion of spin.

Speed: 42
Control: 95
Spin/Disruptive effect: 105
Sponge Hardness: Medium

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Reviews of Sauer & Troeger Hellfire X (6)

First LP rubber I played seriously. I can't really compare with other pimples but I really like it. Control is just 'good' but it has very good deception. My opponents have a lot of trouble reading the spin and trajectory of the ball. It can chop well too, a little hard to control but a lot of backspin. For attacking it is possible but needs very good technique. Not the easiest rubber but it has a lot of options. Durability seems okay after 5 weeks, not 1 pip is broken
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I have mine since March 2023, a red ox, and put it in a donic defplay senso v3. The hardness is medium-to-soft, the control is superb; I believe the defplay senso and S&T Hellfire X are meant to be together. My friends hate it because it gave them many problem. I can handle the ball from the other players who use the processed long pips ox. I can attack using Hellfire X too; the ball is fast and with no spin and not many people can handle it. All in all, I love it. I would like to try the sponge version in the future.
The downside of S&T Hellfire X, since it's kinda soft, you don't want to hit the table with it. I got mine torn in the first 5 minutes I play with it. Thank God it's only at the edge of the rubber (I only lost 1-2 pips) so it is much still usable. The other pips are good; not 1 pip fell down so far. I really recommend people to use this rubber on a def blade.
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BEST LONG PIMPLE EVER!!!! I started using it on Koji Matsushita defense blade but I didnt have any control. I was about to give up in Hellfire X but then I decided to put in on my Diode V blade, and it was a GAME CHANGER. The Blade do everything for you, all the balls go inside the table, you can feel save and have 100% of control of the ball when chopping far from the table. Im a classic defender and I have never experience so much security. I love it!!!
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favorite overlay, why? because the effect and unpredictability are at a high level, while maintaining the ability to control the game and strain the opponent even away from the table, although not as effective, it is still dangerous for the opponent, on the table the game is very good and pleasant for the user and insidious for the opponent , in the version without a sponge, they are highly respected for me, a worthy overlay, it requires some skills in the game, but its not difficult and real to make branded hits and pushes in place.
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I’m an equipment junkie, and as such have tried many combinations of OX long pips and paddles. Don’t be like me….just skip the journey and buy this OX LP. It does everything you ask of it extremely consistently, it’s specialty is the chop block but it is tremendously capable of chopping for a no sponge LP. I use this pip with the Unicorn blade from Sauer & Troger and it is a match made in heaven, because the blade and pip were developed together and have harmony. One sheet lasted me about a year before a couple pips broke. This is the only pip I will be playing with from now on.
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