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-TWO FIVE Premium 3-star balls included (limited-time special)
• For players who like close-to-the-table ball precision and high spin over power. For a power-oriented play see PRO Power.
• Comes in a high-quality premium case which doubles as a protective case and a gift box.
• Rubber sheets can be both black or red/black, to conform with tournament regulations.

Intended use and style of play

The PRO Control Table Tennis racket is specifically made for the player who tends to play closer to the table and seeks to maintain control over the game. PRO Control is geared towards precise shots and superior ball placement. Use this racket to gain an advantage in the point by moving your opponent around the table with your supreme control and placement. For the more offensive oriented player, check out the PRO Power racket.

Precision at its finest

Everyone wants to be in control, be it in everyday life or while playing table tennis. Though we often find it difficult to execute the way our minds would like to, we are now able to accomplish this on the table. The Pro Control Table Tennis racket lets us connect our strategy and execution on the table tennis table so that now we can find the command over the game we are looking for.

The PRO Control Table Tennis racket was created for the analytical player. The player who thinks strategically and wants to put their trust in the racket. The racket is about focus, precise shots, and executing these shots. You wonít find many more balanced rackets on the market than the PRO Control. Players are able to feel confident in their racket and take advantage of the versatility offered while seeing an exactness in the execution of shots.

The details

Youíll find that the 7 layers of pro-grade balsa wood provide a harder surface creating an amazing feel for calculated shots and neutralizing more aggressive opposition. On top of that, the blade is equipped with PRO XP-1 rubbers - a world-class rubber at the top of the PRO brand line. This combination of blade and rubber has been carefully constructed to allow for accuracy, maximum spin, along with surprising controlled power. With these qualities, you can frustrate your opponents with masterful unpredictability and versatility.

The bottom line

If versatility is the name of your game - using your control to set-up a put away shot - the PRO Control is the racket for you. There isnít much to say in the style as you can see for yourself that this racket (like the PRO Power) combines quality with aesthetics. For the environmentally conscious, they can rest easy knowing that Pro donate to organizations that grow trees, to offset natural resources used in making blades and rubber.

Blade Head size: 6" (Width) x 6.3" (Height)
Forehand Rubber: High Tension Black 2.0 (or Red 2.0)
Backhand Rubber: High Tension Black 2.0
Blade: Balsa All Wood 7 Layers
Balls: Premium 3 Star 40mm Plastic

Speed: 68
Spin: 70
Control: 87

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Additional Information

FAQ: Is this racket assembled for me?
Yes, you can play with it right out of the box! We assemble this racket using VOC-free glue. We cut the rubber sheets using professional tools and we add free side tape that matches the blade. We will package your racket with padded material to avoid delivery damage.
FAQ: Can I replace this racket's rubber sheets?
Yes, we assemble with VOC-free table tennis glue so you will be able to replace the rubber sheets.

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Review by jasdanmoo (Verified Customer) for PRO Control on January 16, 2018
Great control paddle... ball seems to stick to it allowing placement almost anywhere on the table. It also looks sleek.
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