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Maxi Pong Maxi 2 w/Butterfly Impartial XB

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Ready to play Maxi 2 Offensive Proline special is a custom-made racket designed for quick, high-control, low-trajectory attack play. This racket is expertly constructed for you utilizing the following:

Blade: The Maxi 2 is designed using the famous Golden Design 1.62 Ratio. This ratio gives the Maxi 2 blade the power, touch, stability, control, and performance needed for today's modern game.

This blade has a patented design. Its shape, weight, and aerodynamics optimize performance and will help elevate your game. The open neck enables a raised forefinger placement for enhanced control over the racket head.

Rubber: We have paired this bade with Butterfly Impartial XB Offensive High Tension Pips Out to create an explosive offensive racket that produces high-speed and low-trajectory shots.

Are you looking for an offensive short-pip power racket? The Maxi's large blade face is ideal for power shot creation, together with a huge sweet spot and super control.

Composition: Five Wood and 2 Carbon
Blade Face: 170mm Wide x 170mmm Long. Total length top to bottom with handle 275mm
Thickness: 6.5mm
Weight: 92g
Combined Weight: 154g

Forehand Rubber - Butterfly Impartial XB 1.9mm
Backhand Rubber - Butterfly Impartial XB 1.9mm

About Maxi Pong: Maxi Pong and the creation of the Maxi blade rests with Mr. Richard Dawson, an avid club table tennis player, who was frustrated at the rigid conformity of all table tennis rackets. Even oversized rackets, his preference, did not deviate far enough. Richard, took matters into his own hands and developed and secured a design patent for Maxi 2

Ready to Play

All Pro Combo rackets and Butterfly Proline rackets come fully assembled and are approved for competition by the International Table Tennis Federation.

Replaceable Rubber Sheets

With proper care, your blade will last for year but the rubber sheets may need periodic replacement. When it's time for a refresh, don't discard your racket. The high-quality glue used in all combo rackets allows for easy removal of worn-out rubber, enabling you to either replace it yourself or have it professionally assembled. Choose the same rubber for a familiar feel or upgrade for enhanced speed, spin, or a combination of both. Enjoy a racket that evolves with your game, keeping you at the top of your performance.

Racket Assembly FAQ - Learn about free racket assembly, pre-assembled rackets and more.

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