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JOOLA Tour Case

Save $10.00 (29%)

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• Large molded handle for convenient transportation
• High density EVA foam acts as a protective cushion
• Thick Case construction for maximum full coverage protection
• Secure Easy Open- Double Snap Lock System
• Includes 18 Table Tennis 3 star Balls

The new JOOLA Tour Case provides every Table Tennis player with the essential tool for effectively carrying and storing their equipment. The durable foam lined protective case can store a total of 18 balls and 2 of your favorite rackets with maximized coverage. The Easy Open Double Snap Lock System allows you to securely close the case keeping the contents clean, dry, and safe. After a long day of training you can rely on the heavy-duty construction of our JOOLA Tour Case to ensure ultimate protection of all of your top of the line table tennis rackets and balls. This tour case set comes with 18 JOOLA 3-star balls and space for 2 of your own standard rackets.

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Reviews of JOOLA Tour Case (11)

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Great case for the money, balls are good too.
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I love it, the only reason I didn't give 5 stars it's because you have to cut some foami for the rackets to fit. Yet, for $15 is an amazing price!
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very nice
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Thx a lot! I got my parcel with JOOLA Tour Case and I was excited. I'm over the moon!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

just perfect and nice price.
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Like the case simple and useful and cheap with the balls inside
Review helpful?    Yes | No

A standard sized paddle will not fit the cutout. a pair of standard sized paddle will definitely NOT fit.

I purchased this case as a backup bag/case to put my loaners in, also for the ping pong balls.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Nice and compact.protects the racket very well. But the problem is the racket holding space is small and racket is put in the case by pushing it. Putting 2 rackets and then closing it is also difficult. Otherwise it is wonderrful.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Overall, very nice 2 paddle protection for the money (24.99 on sale), plus 18 free balls.
Plastic is solid and my paddles are now well protected in my bag. Customizabile foam is a plus.

The only reason this case was a 9 instead of a 10 is that I had to carve out part of the foam to accomodate 2 custom paddles into the case (YEO, WSUC). The paddle handles overlap in a way that the blades do not sit flush to one another (the top of the handles and the blade cause an awkward angle to form), and the opposite side foam and balls will put pressure on the paddle in an awkward way or will not be able to close properly with the balls still in the case. Removing the balls solves most of the problem, but there is still some force on the blade from the opposite foam. Some people might not be bothered by this, but the whole point of a hard case for me was to avoid any undue forces of pressures to the paddles as I intend to preserve the paddles I like and sell the ones I do not in the future.

Fortunately, if you take out the balls, 2 paddles will fit ok and you can easily cut out a small area for the handle on the ball side to avoid the pressure from the foam. You can also make a separate racket holder on the opposite side where the balls originally were, which is what I did for both my Joola hard cases.

If you want to create a separate 2nd racket holder in the opposite side where the balls are, I recommend outlining the foam cutout that comes with the case first with a sharpie marker over the area of foam you intend to cut. Orient the outline so the handle faces the opposite direction of the original side and to the outer part of the case. Then use a utility knife with a vertical sawing motion to carve out the desired shape. If you design it properly (paddle with handle towards the opposite side of the original cut out diagonally to the outside corner), you can not only have 2 separate paddles securely without any overlap or contact, but also fit a third paddle in on top of the original design. You should still have room for 2-4 balls in the upper left corner (all you really need anyway).

The entire process of modification takes less than 2 minutes if you know what you are doing, less than 5 minutes if you are figuring it out for the first time.
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