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Gambler Volt-T Oh-Toro

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Volt-T is an aggressive modern tacky style rubber, perfect for players who prefer a tacky powerful rubber with modern plastic ball era tacky grip. Volt-T uses a standard pip geometry arranged in a diagonal array giving enhanced ability to spin and direct the trajectory of the ball. Volt-T is a small batch premium rubber created by selecting only the best cuts of exclusive Gambler Japanese “Oh-Toro” sponge and combining this with Gambler's proprietary formulated top sheet. Volt-T characteristics are closely associated with the “Chinese style” of play, or alternatively “over the table” loop. Volt-T rubber pairs best with a Gambler “mechanical” backhand rubber.

Speed: 96
Spin: 100
Control: 87
Sponge Type: Gambler “Oh-Toro” Japanese hand select
Spin Type: Tacky (sticky)
Hardness: 37 +-2 (mid) (scale is Japan/European measurements)

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Reviews of Gambler Volt-T Oh-Toro (2)

Just want to give my two cents on this rubber. I bought a assembled racket from gambler which was assembled beautifully btw and I requested this rubber on the forehand. Its really nice. Low throw but you can really change the loop angle and spin easily and consistently loop attack with it. Im actually very surprised but I use Chinese style forehand rubbers particularly neo hurricanes so I felt right at home with this. Id compare it closer to Neo Hurricane 2 cuz the throw is pretty low. I had this on one of gamblers fastest carbon blade offerings the g-line pro and Ill be honest. For the value Im impressed.
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I have clocked about 25 playing hours using the Gambler Volt-T on my forehand.
This rubber is tacky. I can press a Butterfly R40+ ball on the surface of this rubber and pick it up to a height of 4 inches before the ball falls off. The tackiness has not gone away even after 25 hours of play. There is a longer dwell time on the rubber when I loop which allows greater control and a larger margin for error. Lots of control on my short game. Service receives (pushes and flicks) are easy. I attribute this to the fact that the rubber is not bouncy/springy like tensor rubbers.
Rubber is a little too heavy for my taste (dense sponge) because I have shoulder and wrist issues. You need to be in proper position and produce a good swing on the forehand loop to produce good quality of speed/spin. Do not expect super fast drives/loops without fully committing to your stroke.
Overall, I think it is worth the $18 dollar I paid for it. Seems comparable to the DHS Hurricane series of rubbers both in physical characteristics and performance for almost half the price.
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