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The traditional hardbat racket is a racket without any sponge layer. The name "hardbat" comes from the fact that the rubber on the paddle gives a hard and almost uniform response over the entire surface of the racket. This uniform response leads to a style of play that emphasizes control and placement rather than spin variation. Hardbat rackets are typically covered with short pips-out rubber while others, that feature a flat but rough sandpaper-like surface, are known as sandpaper-style rackets.

The hardbat era in table tennis lasted until about the mid-1950s. At that time, players began using sponge-covered rackets that allowed for more spin and speed, drastically changing the style of play.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in hardbat table tennis. There are now tournaments and divisions specifically for hardbat play, with some players arguing that hardbat table tennis requires and rewards skill more than sponge racket play. However, the majority of competitive table tennis is still played with sponge rackets.

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GEWO Fun Starter
$3.99  $4.99


JOOLA Essentials Variant Set with Net
JOOLA Essentials Duel Table Tennis Rackets

Maxi Pong

Maxi Pong Maxi Sandpaper Racket Combination Special
$199.99  $219.99


MK Cyclone Racket - Set of 2
$12.99  ($6.50/unit)
MK Cyclone Racket - Set of 4
$22.99  ($5.75/unit)
MK Thunder Sandpaper Racket
MK Vortex
MK Cyclone
MK Thunder Sandpaper Racket - Set of 100
$299.99  ($3.00/unit)
MK Cyclone - Set of 100 rackets
$299.99  ($3.00/unit)

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