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Killerspin is a US based table tennis equipment manufacturer created in 2001 and is located in the Chicago area. The company's focus is to deliver intriguingly fashionable luxury tables that bring a whole new level of excitement to table tennis. Killerspin tables are made in China and shipped to their distribution facility in Elk Grove Village, IL. A new distribution point has recently opened in Canada further expanding their market to our northern neighbors.

Tables, tables and even more tables! Stylish, unique, sexy and colorful! The only company to offer a white ping pong table called the “BiancoPure”. Created to coordinate with home decor or the corporate office. Unique tables to match unique personalities and unique environments! And they just keep introducing more colors. Check out the full MyT Pocket Table Flavors line now! White, Sky Blue, Mocha, Black and Blue. Even Lime! No way? For real!

Quality and luxury are keys to the success of this company matched with their innovation and drive to use the latest technology, materials and designs. For the serious player or for those seeking a very high quality table, one should take a look at the Revolution Series. Unique architecture, design, high quality and amazing colors really make these tables “one of a kind”. Just the type of ingenuity and design to make your home or office really stand apart from your neighbors or competitors.

One last important note about Killerspin. If you are ever in Chicago be sure to check out “Killerspin House”. A unique and hip place to play table tennis, mingle with your friends and make some new ones!

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Killerspin Fortissimo
Killerspin Nitrx 4Z


Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm
$979  $1,279.00
Killerspin MyT7 BluPocket
$799  $1,099.00
Killerspin MyT7 Breeze
$979  $1,279.00
Killerspin MyT10 BlackStorm
$1,299  $1,599.00
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Killerspin Hardball 4-Star ABS 40+ - Pack of 25
$69.99  ($2.80/ball)
Killerspin Hardball 4-Star ABS 40+ - Pack of 3
$9.99  ($3.33/ball)
Killerspin NoNoise Balls - Pack of 3
$14.99  ($5.00/ball)
Killerspin 44/55 mm Balls
$9.99  ($2.50/ball)


Killerspin Barracuda Paddle Case
Killerspin Hard Racket Case
$28.99  $34.00
Killerspin Black Sleeve Case
Killerspin SVR Hard Case
Out of Stock
Killerspin Memory Book - Black
Out of Stock



Killerspin Torque AQ 37ml
Out of Stock
$21.99  ($59.43/100ml)


Killerspin Clip-On Net and Post Set
Killerspin Apex Net & Post Set
Out of Stock
Killerspin Aurora Net & Post Set
Out of Stock
Killerspin Zephyr Net & Post Set
Out of Stock


Killerspin Diamond TC Premium w/Free Paddle Cleaner
$259.99  $274.99
Best Seller
Killerspin JET Set 2 Premium
Killerspin Diamond CQ Premium
$229.99  $234.99
Killerspin Kido 7P (regular edition)
$137.99  $214.99
Killerspin JET 200 BluVanilla w/Gift Box + 6 x 4-Star Balls
Killerspin Impact D5
$54.99  $59.99
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Side Tape

Killerspin Side Tape - 20 Rackets
Killerspin Side Tape - 1 Racket