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 Recommend (help)
by john 16 years ago
 Re: Recommend (help)
by Tim 16 years ago
 Re: Recommend (help)
by john 16 years ago
 Re: Recommend (help)
by Dani 16 years ago
Re: Recommend (help)
by Bruce 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Recommend (help)) was posted by Bruce, on 12/3/2004 8:29:55 AM:
Take a look at
for a very useful review of various long pip rubbers. Hallmark Super Special is excellent for close to table blocks against spin, but is expensive and not very good for attacking loose or no-spin balls. DHS Cloud & Fog, Friendship 755 or 837 may give you more options. As you only use forehand 10%, try Friendship 729-40S for spinny serves with good control or new 729 Geospin if you prefer "non-sticky", both quite cheap. Alternatively, consider short pip on FH.
Haven't had much experience of blades, but the Super Special/729-40S combination has worked quite well on a Donic Waldner Allplay.
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