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sriver EL unglued (4)

 sriver EL unglued
by ...? 15 years ago
 Re: sriver EL unglued
by Tim 15 years ago
 Re: sriver EL unglued
by Karthik 15 years ago
Re: sriver EL unglued
by spin player 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: sriver EL unglued) was posted by spin player, on 7/13/2005 9:36:31 AM:
sriver el (sorry guys but the difference between srivers isn't so big) just like all srivers is fast but not very fast rubber with more speed than it has spin. therefore speed glue obviously improves it. medium hard sponge and medium hard to hard elastic topsheet (i think this is disadvantage of sriver, with softer topsheet it would be different rubber).

verdict: if speed-glued, yes. if no, depends on liking. loop players may prefer softer rubber.

with flextra i do not have experience but it should be buch both softer and slower rubber suited best for allround playerspossibly interesting loop blade..
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