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cleaning paddles (3)

 cleaning paddles
by Matt 15 years ago
 Re: cleaning paddles
by gravy 15 years ago
 Re: cleaning paddles
by mrmr1964 9 years ago
Re: cleaning paddles
by cole 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: cleaning paddles) was posted by cole, on 11/4/2004 11:46:51 AM:
Water and a drop of dish soap. Rubbed in with a damp cloth.

If you really want to get it sticky again, (not that it ever was that sticky) you can try a 1second squirt of wd40 on each side. Work the oil into the rubber with your palm until it has all soaked in. Then hit it with soap and water.

This will restore some of the oil back into your blade, as well as cleaning it well. But it's kind of like armor-all on your dash. Once you do it you have to keep doing it weekly or it dries back out.

Use the 2nd advice at your own discretion. I don't advise you go out and do it to your new $50 sheet of bryce. But it can bring new life back to a dead sheet quite amazingly.

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