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Titanium (3)

by Jess R 16 years ago
 Re: Titanium
by Yegveny 16 years ago
Re: Titanium
by bes 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Titanium) was posted by bes, on 5/16/2005 11:04:04 PM:
Are you saying that Stiga makes (refines) their own titanium? The process you described sounds remarkably like that used to separate metallic titanium from ore. It is not a table tennis process.

A huge portion of the world's titanium comes from various ex-SSRs. A large portion fo the rest comes from Skandinavia (Sandvik is one significant company.)

Also, titanium is not inherently very hard. Pure titanium isn't very hard or strong at all. Even the strongest alloys are far softer than high strength steel, tungsten, or several other nickel based alloys.

Titaniums best attribute is the combination of good strength to weight ratio, very good high temperature strength, and good fatigue and corrosion resistance. You'll note that the latter three attributes have no importance in TT - many materials (high strength steel, and fiberglass for instance) exceed titanium's strength to weight ratio.

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